Wallet-Friendly Ways to Enhance Your Living Spaces

Wallet-Friendly Ways to Enhance Your Living Spaces
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    Owning a small home doesn't mean that you have to renounce some big ideas, even if you are operating on a small budget.

    One of them is to turn that home into neat, clutter-free paradise.


We know that you tried to do that over and over again, until you finally gave up and reduced your battle to gain space to annual throw-everything-outs, but maybe you just didn’t look at the right direction. Here, we will try to give you a fresh perspective on this topic and help you to make your beloved home even bigger.

Sleeping Under the Stairs

Staircases are usually awkwardly placed so we tend to use the area below to cramp some shelves and “stuff”. But just imagine how much space will you gain if you place your bed there? In spite of everything we saw in Harry Potter sleeping under the staircase can be very cozy and pleasant. It also makes the perfect combo with all kinds of DIY shelves and bookcases if you like your things within the reach. There are of course other ways to keep your bed out of the way and bunk bed turned into bed with spacious storage departments is good way of thinking. If you manage to fit it under the stairs however, you are beyond genius.

Thinking Vertically

Now it’s time to underline the importance of all the vertical space in your home which can be used in numerous ways, from installing hanging shelves in your closet to placing furniture and appliances on top of each other. There is nothing unusual in stacking home office file cabinets, shelves, CD collection and tech components so be free to utilize this philosophy whenever you can. If you are still short on storage space and you need to buy new pieces keep in mind that modular storage units are always better because higher number of smaller-sized storage units means less unused storage space.

Ever Thought of Making an Extra Floor?

What this effectively means is to make small surface for your bed, bookcase, or whatever seems appropriate, above some part of your room you are already using for something else. This looks like demanding task but it’s really not that hard and can be pulled off on a budget.  If you have a lot of vertical space in your room, this is the best possible way to utilize it and good example of efficiency. Aside from expanding your house, you will create, in the process, something that looks beautiful and gives your room a whole new look.

Using Shipping Container

Sometimes of course, we simply don’t have enough space whatever we do and our home needs reconstruction and serious upgrades. Fortunately, you can easily tackle that problem by using shipping containers. They are quite versatile because you can repurpose them to be virtually anything, ranging from futuristic add-ons to entirely new miniature houses, facilities helping students and even a way to partition your bigger rooms into smaller areas. They are also very affordable which is worth mentioning, assuming you want to avoid spending too much money on some serious brick and mortar overhaul.

It’s not that hard, right? All you have to do is to look above you for much needed extra space, try to move your bigger pieces under or above some unused areas and don’t be afraid to expand, because its manageable even with smaller resources. You can only end up with home that’s both efficient and beautiful to look at.

Image credit: Living Under the Stairs by hpduong, on Flickr


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