Is Your Energy Usage Rising With the Temperature? How to Cool Your Home for Less

Is Your Energy Usage Rising With the Temperature? How to Cool Your Home for Less
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    Summer has arrived!

    However, the summer heat you've been hoping for all year comes with significant increases in your energy bills.


However, cooling down your house does not have to lead to an increase in your electricity bill. The following tricks and tips can help you save money on your electricity bill with minimal effort.

Seal Your Windows

Inadequately-sealed windows allow air to escape in, forcing your air conditioner to work harder in order to function properly. Caulking cracks or weather stripping the windows will keep cool air from escaping.

Improve Your Windows

If you have old windows in your house, they may not be energy efficient. Investing in new energy-efficient windows will help you save money on cooling costs. There will be some initial outlay, but you will be able to make up for that in the long term with lower bills.

Install Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats save electricity by changing temperatures when you are away from home or sleeping. You can configure them yourself or buy one that adapts to your temperature requirements gradually. Some can also be programmed with a mobile application when you aren’t home.

Changing your temperature by seven degrees for eight hours every day will save significant amounts of money on your annual energy costs. The method can be automated using smart thermostats.

Replace AC Filters

AC filters keep the heating and cooling system running smoothly by keeping dust out of the vents and facilitating air circulation. If the unit’s filters are clogged, it will become more strained when circulating air.

You must change your filters every few months, and probably more often if you have pets or children. Fortunately, AC filters are inexpensive and simple to replace.

Get Your AC Serviced

Hiring a local contractor for AC repair will help keep your system running smoothly. A qualified contractor should clean the outside coils, inspect the electrical connections, and ensure that the refrigerant levels are at the correct levels.

These professionals typically have access to quality equipment that will make it easier to quickly repair your unit. Be sure to find a contractor that is licensed in order to help minimize damages while your air conditioner is being repaired.

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Minimize Sunlight

The sunlight entering your house through the windows increases the temperature. You will reduce the sun’s impact by blocking the sunshine. Planting shade trees around your home will help to prevent encroaching sunlight, and blackout curtains or shades are other low-cost alternatives.

Utilize ceiling fans

Ceiling fans blow cool air, relieving some strain on the air conditioner. By using fans, you improve your home’s energy efficiency by circulating the cool air within your house.

Heating and cooling expenses account for about half of the total home electricity expenditure. Finding the right way to ventilate your house will result in significant savings and decreased energy consumption.

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