How to Care for Your Car and Save Money

How to Care for Your Car and Save Money
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    Cars are a great necessity and a terrible investment.

    They’re a necessity because so many things in life require a car, but they’re a terrible investment because they begin depreciating the moment you get behind the wheel.


They depreciate even as you pay for gas, insurance, and other things along the way. It seems to be a catch-22, but it isn’t.

The truth is that, with basic maintenance, careful driving, ongoing protection, and a few other things, you can keep your car running efficiently and looking desirable to potential second owners.

To help you on your way, here’s how to care for your car and save money.

Treat It Well, and It Will Do the Same For You

Think of your car as a member of the family—and as a member of the family, it needs the equivalent of food, shelter, and healthcare. Gas and a space in the garage are both good for cars, but as for the latter, remember to schedule regular checkups with your mechanic or other car service provider.

They’ll inspect it, watching for pain points and catching minor issues before they turn into major repairs.

Inflating, inspecting, cleaning, and rotating tires will help them last longer, while keeping the car lubricated by filling its fluids ensures the engine lasts longer.

And when you keep your engine running efficiently, you save money because it’s burning less fuel.

Do the Work Yourself

You can learn almost anything online these days, and learning the basics of car maintenance can help you earn your independence from experts. Cars are simple devices, at least as far as basic upkeep is concerned.

You may not be able to do bodywork after a collision or fix the air conditioning system, but you can keep your car in shape while saving money if you learn how to change your oil, repair flats, replace spark plugs, and more.

These tasks are simple to learn, safe to do, and can save you a few bucks in service fees.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your car is such a simple thing to do, and it pays off. Not only does it keep the car pretty, but it also keeps it free from rust. Take the time to detail it yourself.

Wash the body, including the tires, with car-specific cleaning products. Vacuum out the interior and trunk, and wipe the seats, dashboard, and back dash down with a gentle cleaning solution.

Protect It!

Here’s a final tip on how to care for your car and save money. Keep it covered. If you have a garage, park the car there when you’re not using it.

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Leaving it outside in the sun and weather or—say it ain’t so—under a bird-filled tree risks damaging the finish. When you park in lots, find a spot removed from the rest of the cars to avoid those mysterious dings that appear while you’re shopping.

Finally, if you buy a car cover, make sure it’s breathable. Some covers allow moisture to accumulate and slowly rust out your vehicle.

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