How to Make Studying an Enjoyable Habit

How to Make Studying an Enjoyable Habit
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    Studying can be tedious, especially when you have dry subjects to memorize and do the research work; all of this gets exhausting.


To eliminate boredom and have a focused studying plan, we have some valuable and fun tips for you to make your learning enjoyable.

Tips for Studying Alone

It is common for students to get distracted while studying alone; the distraction could be of any kind, using their cell phone, playing with the pets, daydreaming, and many similar things.

You need to stay focused on the books sitting in front of you, and it is not a difficult thing to achieve. It can be done in simple steps that you can follow to make studying both enjoyable and beneficial for you:


Music is a good way to bring rhythm into your work. You can avoid the distraction of lyrics by only listening to classical or instrumental music. It will help you get into the flow and lighten up your mood. Many music apps, such as Spotify, already offer you a study playlist; this will make your job easier.

A Good Tutor

A good tutor plays a crucial role in your study routines and can help make studying an enjoyable habit. Most students find studying boring because they cannot grasp the gist of the topic they are learning, which frustrates them, and they lose focus.

A good tutor makes studying enjoyable and has creative tasks and quizzes for you, which will boost up your confidence level after finishing them.

You can find such tutors easily online. You can even find exam-specific tutors such as an MCAT tutor. Resources like these online tutors can seriously influence your academic success.

Take Breaks

Short and frequent breaks are far better than long breaks because the latter takes away your motivation for studying.

If you set goals and take short breaks from time to time, it will help you memorize what you have been studying and make the process seem fun and enjoyable. As a result, you won’t feel discouraged and lethargic; instead, you will be enjoying the work.

Tips for Studying with Friends

Group studying is the best way of learning as you can learn and enjoy at the same time.

  • Discuss

    It is essential for you to discuss your ideas with your group mates because this will help you memorize things and give rise to new and interesting topics to discuss. In this manner, you will stay hooked to what you are studying and enjoy it all together.

  • Be Creative

    Be creative while you all are studying, make notes, and set a small prize for the one who makes the best notes. Race against each other, seeing who memorizes the task first.

  • Play Games with Each other

    You can also design games on your own regarding your work and set small rewards for the one who wins. You can also take quizzes and impose rewards and punishments for each other—for example, snacks on the person who scores the lowest in the quiz.

Environmental Factors

To begin with, you need to have an environment that will complement your study routine. A noisy and disturbed environment will never help you focus on your work. In fact, it will disrupt your flow.

Choose Appropriate Study Environment

A library would be an excellent example of a peaceful and fun study environment without distractions. In addition, since everyone else around you will be studying, you will be motivated to focus on your work. Therefore, you will find it easy to learn.

Lighting and Comfort

If you are sitting in any place uncomfortable while doing your work, it will persistently distract you and divert your attention towards itself. Working in natural light will boost up your energy as compared to artificial light. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose someplace with good lighting and comfort so that studying will look fun to you instead of a nuisance.

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Creative Stationery

Having cool desk gear with various pens and creative notebooks will motivate you to study and make it seem fun. Have those things around you that will help you enjoy while you’re learning, such as scented erasers, colorful highlighters, cute sticky notes, and much more.


Studying can be made fun when you intend to be creative and want to enjoy it. Take help from your friends or a tutor when you are unable to grasp a concept, use drawings to memorize your tasks, use flashcards and posters as well for your comfort. Buy your favorite stationery and have snacks for yourself while you learn.

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