How to Convert Your Basement into a Gym & Save Money on Gym Membership

How to Convert Your Basement into a Gym & Save Money on Gym Membership
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    Fitness doesn't come from a vibe of a specific place, it comes from hard work, and hard work can be done anywhere. And it's even better when you do it comfortably at your own home.


You won’t have to pay for the gym membership fees and waste any more time reaching the gym. You just need the right kind of home improvement tools that help you actualize your basement remodeling ideas.

Keep reading to find what exactly must be done to DIY basement remodeling for creating your home gym.


There is no hard and fast rule for flooring at your home gym however, for comfort and safety purposes you may want to change the flooring. You can opt for the following options:

  • Rubber Mats:

    Rubber mats are ideal for gym floors as it can stand up to a variety of stresses. You can choose the interlocking tiles or the rollable mats which are indeed very easy to install, but these mats add up to your basement remodeling costs.

  • Foam Tiles:

    Another good for sports and fitness flooring option. It has good shock-resistance and has a great comfort factor attached to it. It’s very suitable for exercises like yoga and pilates. However, if you want to do some hardcore exercises, this flooring is not an ideal one.

  • Vinyl Panels:

    Vinyl panels are a practical choice when you want the floor to look presentable and withstand rigors of home exercise.

    They are an affordable and easy to clean option for your basement remodeling project. 

Choosing Gear

Investing in the home gym is a thing that you’re not going to do every day. So, be mindful of your choices and think in the long run.

Research properly about the kind of workout you want to do, figure out the machines and tools you will need, and invest in the fitness gears accordingly.

Also, think of the size of the machines in terms of your home gym. You don’t want machines that cover almost all the space in the home gym. Here are a few popular gym staples:

  1. Weight Rack/Bench Press
  2. Ab Crunch Bench
  3. Elliptical or Stair Climber
  4. Treadmill
  5. Rowing Machine
  6. Yoga Mat

Combine to Save Space

Since it is a home gym, you know that you don’t have the luxury of space and we need to deal with it very strategically. Use a combination of machines that engage your entire body. This way you won’t have to buy multiple machines for engaging different body parts.

You can also save time by focusing on your entire body and not just specific parts. The only drawback is that full-body workout machines are expensive, but think for the long run here. Here are a few examples of machines that help you do the full-body workout:

  1. Bowflex Max Trainer Series:
  2. NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainer
  3. Cardio Gym

Clear Space for Equipment

Mission basement remodeling on a budget begins with decluttering the space. Make sure that you create some good space to allow unrestricted movements.

Measure the room and then your requirements and initiate the declutter process. For the same, you can donate or sell the items which you don’t need anymore. Check the unused old items as many stops working when kept idle for a long period.

other valuable tips:

If there is anything that you cannot afford to sell, make some room for it in another room. Finding a new storage spot is important to bring your small basement remodeling ideas to life.

Storage Ideas for Your Basement Home Gym

You need to make smart choices about your basement remodeling. You have limited space, yet a lot of things to put. So, here are a few cheap basement remodeling ideas for utilizing better space in your home gym.

  • Weight Racks

    If you are weight training, weight racks are non-negotiable. That’s the only way of keeping those dumbbells in an organized way.

  • Wall Storage

    Use shelves and simple hooks to store gym equipment like jump ropes and yoga mats.

  • Use Bins

    Putting a closet will take up a lot of space, use average-sized bins to keep your towels and other important gym things.

  • Dedicated Corners

    Don’t spread the things around, use one specific corner where most of the things are kept.

To Round-Up

Life is easier when your gym is close. Use these pointers while you choose to do some basement remodeling. If you have any new innovative ideas about a home gym, do let us know!

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Alex Green is a copywriter with 3 years of experience. He is fond of healthy living and knows everything about home improvement. In his spare time, Alex likes walking with his golden retriever, meeting with friends, and attending the gym.

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