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Retire Early: You Can Make it Happen

It can happen. You can leave your career, retire, and enjoy a number of good years before you shed this mortal coil. A lot of Americans work past the “normal” retirement age of 65, either because they must or perhaps because they want to. Others leave early because of health matters.

ID Theft

Reasons To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft While in College

Universities are homes away from home for some of the brightest young people in the nation. They can also be home to some of the most ruthless and deceptive.

Business Opportunities

Five Reasons It’s Never Been Better to Own a Business

With the economy reemerging after some tough years, owning a small business has never looked more attractive for professionals.

Money News

Making Money the Flea Market Way

You’ve seen them near where you live and have likely shopped at one: flea markets. Typically, they’re outdoor markets where second-hand goods are bought and sold. The term is derived from a French term “marché aux puces” for a market that sells used goods that might contain fleas.

Consumer Tips

Top Tips For Funding Your Retirement

Description: How do you manage money in old age? This article focuses on saving for your family’s future and the cost of funeral plans.

Consumer Financing

Loan Shark or Fair Lender?

An individual that loans money to another person for an exorbitant fee is sometimes known as a “loan shark.” Unfortunately, the term is often misused to describe legal lenders that charge rates that are above what most of us think are reasonable.

Tax Tips

Four Ways That Taxes Influence Your Investments

Taxes definitely influence investors’ decision-making process. For example, investors don’t receive the full benefit of the taxable bond’s coupon rate.

Business Services

Pay Up: How to Collect on Debt Owed

As a small business operator, your business lives or dies based on your income including your receivables. As long as your income is above your expenses including your payables, you’re in good shape.

Debt Management

Not All Bankruptcy is the Same: Make Sure You’re Filing Correctly

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you need to be sure you file the right kind. Not all bankruptcy is the same, and the conditions that you go through vary with each.

Credit Cards

Saturday Tips: Managing Prepaid Debit Cards

Tweet When you use prepaid debit cards, like the Kaiku prepaid debit cards for under 18 year olds, they are not the same as credit cards. It is important to

Business Management

Build Your Business Credit Step by Step

Tweet It is important that if you run a business that you also build your business credit separately from your personal credit. Your business credit rating can help you obtain

Money Management

6 Notable Reasons to Know it’s Time to Hire an Accountant

Tweet Being a business owner, your primary concern is to increase profit. Perhaps you do not have enough time to work on spreadsheets for bookkeeping, calculating taxes, and maximizing your

Business Services

Business Coach: Do You Need One?

Tweet You need a business coach. At least that is what businesses coaches tell small business owners. A business coach is an individual that can help you with your sales,


Ten Solid Ideas for Saving More Money in 2014

Tweet No matter your current financial situation, you’re probably always looking for ways to save money. If you’ve already made a budget and been buying off-brand groceries, it can be

Consumer Tips

Coupon Processing: How it Works

Tweet Consumers still clip coupons, navigating through the Sunday newspaper for cents off on many of the items that they buy. Billions of dollars of savings are realized each year