Business Coach: Do You Need One?

Business Coach: Do You Need One?


You need a business coach. At least that is what businesses coaches tell small business owners. A business coach is an individual that can help you with your sales, marketing, management, and productivity, as well as assist you in many other areas.

Do you need one? That answer is “yes” if you need to find improvement in one or more areas of your business. And, that individual should come recommended by someone who was happy with his or her services.

A business coach is much like a mentor, which is just another name for a guide, adviser, instructor, teacher, trainer, tutor and, yes, a coach.

You may be surprised that many if not most successful business people have one.

Your business coach should come to you without a whole bunch of preconceived notions. This person knows business and what it takes to launch and manage a successful one. A set of outside eyes can evaluate what you’re doing and help you move in a fresh direction.

The following are some points to consider when working with a business coach:

1. Truth, above all else. Some small business owners become offended when a business coach tells them something about their business that they do not like. If you hire a “yes man” you’re not likely to receive a critical analysis of what you do. If you hire an individual that shares constructive criticism and helpful methods for improvement, you’re on the right path.

2. Avoid the referee. It is a mistake to hire a business coach to work as a referee. Whatever problems exist or persist between employer and employee or business and customer is not the responsibility of a business coach. This person can and will advise you in these areas, but the burden of solving problems is on your shoulders.

3. It is all about business. Hire an individual that puts your business needs above your personal needs. That doesn’t mean that the two do not intersect, rather this professional understands that there are certain confines to work, a framework for assisting you.

4. Confidentiality is of utmost importance. Your business coach should sign a confidentiality statement, affirming that he or she will never discuss your business or personal information apart from you. It is understood among coaches that gossip is not acceptable, what must never be allowed to undermine your or your business.

5. Smart business coaches know their place. You hire a business coach to advise you on certain matters and these alone. Avoid any person that seeks to interject assistance beyond his or her scope of expertise. A coach can advise you on the steps to take, but the execution of these steps are entirely within your realm.

Business Coach Considerations

Highly effective business coaches offer direction, but they cannot or at least should not tell you what to do. An exemplary business coach provides a framework for success, enabling you to apply that guidance to your endeavor. Measurable results can be achieved as you implement what you’ve been taught.

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