Best Jobs Suited for the Internet

Best Jobs Suited for the Internet
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    Some jobs are just perfect for the Internet.

    Indeed, until the Internet came along some types of jobs didn't even exist.


As the Internet continues to grow and expand, opportunities for work are growing with it. This makes “working from home” possible for more people, an option that is being embraced the world over.

1. Website Design — Count this job as one that didn’t exist until the world wide web came along.With the advent of the Internet, private websites came into vogue, with most companies large and small launching websites by the turn of the millennium. New companies are always springing up and current accounts need to be serviced. People who are skilled with graphic design, have a flair with words and are organized can thrive here.

2. Content Writing — The Internet seems have an insatiable demand for new comment. Satisfying those needs are legions of writers, including some that have left journalism or teaching to give self-employment a try. Most writers find gigs with a handful of companies and manage them directly. Others make use of services such as ContentBlvd., Demand Studios and HubPages to contribute interesting and informative content for a per article fee.

3. Management Analysts — Also known as consultants, management analysts provide support to companies by researching and organizing information with an eye toward solving problems or streamlining procedures. Some of the legwork may be conducted on site, but such consultants are just as likely able to pull up their data online, review it, write reports and make recommendations. Analysts will confer over the phone and by email, delivering final reports by email, regular mail or both. Hold meetings via Skype, Google Talk or Mac FaceTime.

4. Storefront Retailer — You may have worked for years as a store manager, now you can take what you learned from your fixed-base operation and apply it online. Electronic commerce, also known as e-commerce, makes it possible for you to set up your store and sell to your customers, even reaching people worldwide. You need to establish an e-commerce site and learn how to market your wares. Once established, you can grow your business to your heart’s delight.

5. Customer Service Representative — Companies large and small need people to service their customers, but they may not always rely upon their internal resources to accomplish this task. Indeed, in the 2000s, call centers staffed by foreign nationals were the rage, but soon those services gave way to domestic customer assistance in a bid to connect people fluent in American English. Your work in customer service might be directly for one company or you could provide virtual assistant level support for multiple clients. Likely, you will need phone access, an email account and excellent Internet connectivity to service your clients.

Online Considerations

Working online requires dedication, a certain level of technical savvy and the ability to work independently. Much flexibility is required too as customers leave, clients change and business ebbs and flows. Still, the best jobs suited for the Internet may provide the lifestyle you need and the income you desire.

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