Careers That Require Good Communication Skills

Careers That Require Good Communication Skills
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    You take two types of skills into the job market: hard skills and soft skills.

    Hard skills are those you pick up from education or training like writing a computer program or fixing a car engine.

    Soft skills are more personal, such as being able to manage your time, think critically, and, above all, communicate.


Communication is more than simply being able to say words in the right order. It is being able to listen, pick up on nonverbal cues, and exhibit empathy. This is helpful in almost any job, but there are some careers that require good communication skills more than others. 


If one was to summarize being a teacher in one sentence, it would be “Someone who communicates information to others.” Every day, teachers must communicate to their students, parents, and their colleges.

More than that, they must also be able to pick up on students’ nonverbal cues to discern their needs even when the student isn’t aware of how to express them.

Human Resources

Few office positions require more communication skills than a human resources manager. This position is in constant communication not only with current employees but potential hires.

They also must help navigate delicate situations when tensions are high. These are scenarios when a breakdown in communication can be potentially disastrous.


When a message changes language, it is easy for much of the original meaning to be lost. This puts extra pressure on those with the job of interpreter. Interpreters must understand both the words and nuances of both languages to express messages accurately.

On top of this, they often must have a deep understanding of how nonverbal cues may differ across cultures. For instance, in some cultures it is seen as rude to look a speaker in the eye, while in others it is seen as rude not to do it. An interpreter must understand these things to fully express the sentiment a speaker is trying to convey.

Nursing Home Worker

All medical careers require good communication skills, but none more so than certified nursing assistants (CNAs) working in nursing homes. This is because the residents often have trouble communicating themselves either because of illness or dementia.

Being able to interpret a resident’s nonverbal cues allows them to respond to their needs quickly.  Given how vulnerable residents are, this makes communication essential for CNAs.

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There are few things more stressful than trying to buy a car. With all the paperwork and stipulations, there is plenty to overwhelm a potential buyer.

That is one of the reasons why a salesperson’s ability to communicate is vital to their job.They must break down highly specialized information and present it to the general population in a way that’s both comprehensible and appealing.

In the job market, your ability to understand and relate to others isn’t just something that makes you pleasant to be around—it’s a valuable asset you shouldn’t take for granted.

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