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Business Financing

Top 6 Hacks for Solving Your Cash Flow Problem

Having money on paper and having actual funds that you can dip into to cover the needs of your business is what makes the difference between success and failure. The problem lies in the fact that a lot of first-time entrepreneurs remain completely oblivious to just how big a problem this is before it becomes too late.

Business Financing

How to Choose the Best Loan for Your Company

Small businesses require loans in order to buy all the equipment and infrastructure on which companies are based. A lot of business owners dread taking out a loan because it’s a long-term commitment that can sometimes outlast the company itself.


Smart Borrowing: 3 Things To Consider Before Getting Any Loan

Tweet You can receive a lump sum and pay it off in installments over whatever term you and the lender agree to. Although a loan can be useful, it could


4 Important Tips to Consider When Availing a Loan Against Property

Tweet If you are availing a loan for buying a real estate property, you would have to provide a mortgage against the funds that you are borrowing. The amount of

Credit Management

How to Manage Your Bad Credit Like a Boss

Tweet Basically, this means that you have negative listings such as late repayments and defaults attached to your credit report. Since this kind of negative listings can remain on your


Five Key Considerations When Sourcing for a Loan Facility

In today’s world, the multiplicity of needs competing for the increasingly scarce resources makes it almost inevitable that everyone will require a loan facility at one point or another.

Small Business

Steps to Acquire a Small Business Disaster Loan

When a disaster hits, residential, commercial and retail properties alike may be damaged or destroyed. If you own a small business your company may have been affected.

Consumer Financing

How to Write a Personal Loan Agreement

A family member or a friend has asked to borrow money from you and you have agreed. While a verbal agreement can work between people that know each other, a written personal loan agreement can eliminate misunderstandings.

Small Business

What You Need to Know About Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is an alternative financial service that brings lenders and borrowers together. Typically using an online platform to move funds, monies are leant from one or more members to other members to support a proposed initiative.

Money News

The Key Components of a Promissory Note

As explained by the SEC, a promissory note is a debt obligation, one that is similar to an IOU or a loan. Promissory notes are sometimes used as a fund-raising tool by companies, as a way to attract investors, individuals that may receive a periodic payout for offering a note.

Consumer Financing

How to Calculate Your Monthly Loan Payments

Tweet Can you really afford that loan? That amount will become part of your budget, a figure that will help you determine whether you can afford the loan or not.

Credit Cards Money Management

Why You Should Refuse To Cosign A Loan

Tweet Your adult offspring may come to you asking you to co-sign their loan. As a parent, you want to do what you can to help your children succeed, and