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6 Tips to get a Great Auto Insurance Deal

Insurance usually constitutes a considerable part of car maintenance cost. So, it is necessary for you to choose your insurance policy wisely to reduce the cost.

Credit Repair

Why Credit Repair is More Important (and Beneficial) Than You Think

There are different ways that you can go about repairing your credit. Some of them may offer an “easy” way out, but you’ll have to pay the price-in money.


Life Insurance Premium Rates are Only Going to go Higher

Taking life insurance is one of the tougher decisions in personal finance. It’s always easy to ignore it when one is young and starting out their career. The older one gets however, the more important a life policy becomes.

Money Management

7 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance

Tweet There are many ways for you to save money on car insurance. We’ve listed seven of these as follows: 1. Low Mileage Discounts – Auto insurers routinely base your

Money News

Auto Insurance Myths Die Hard, Don’t They?

Red cars make auto insurers see green, right? Green, as in cash. Well, no.

Autos Express Consumer Tips

Yours To Insure: Save Money On Car Insurance

Tweet Consumers who are considering making a new car purchase are likely to find some of the best buys this year. That is because auto sales are way down and

Consumer Tips

Simple, Smart & Savvy Money Saving Tips, Part 2

Tweet This is one in an occasional series of articles discussing money saving tips. Yesterday we looked at seven ways to save money, so today we’ll take a look at

Consumer Tips

You Can Save Money On Healthcare Costs

Tweet Consumers today are being battered by high fuel costs and a sharp rise in groceries, while seeing wages remain virtually stagnant. When consumer confidence is down, the whole country

Property Taxes

Is Your Homeowners’ Insurance Sufficient?

Tweet How good is your homeowners’ insurance policy? Has it been updated since you first took it out? Does it reflect the big surge in home prices over the past