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Property Taxes

Will Property Taxes Be Going Up?

Property taxes constitute a major source of revenue for local governments, levied on real estate owners based on the assessed value of their property. These funds primarily finance public services such as schools, local infrastructure, and emergency services, fostering community growth and development.

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What Homeowners Should Know About Trust Litigation

As a homeowner, there are many things you do to take care of your home, maintain its value, and plan for future.

Property Taxes

4 Essential Tips to Reduce Your Property Taxes

Tweet Thankfully, one can always find ways to sort things out even if it seems to be a Herculean task. Many property owners believe that spending big bucks on property

Property Taxes

Trends in Property Tax Funding

Tax lien transfers have landed themselves in a bad place these days. The reason is that many people have either never heard of them, or if they have, they’ve only receive negative information on them.

Property Taxes

Pros & Cons of Property Tax Appeals

Due to plummeting home prices, many people are paying more property taxes than they should. Your local assessor’s office is happy to keep collecting taxes based on the prior assessed value of your home.

Property Taxes

Property Tax Tips

Tweet If you’re a homeowner, you most likely have to pay property taxes to a local government to help pay for roads, schools, and other functions. While you may be

Property Taxes

How to Challenge Your Property Taxes

Tweet You can fight city hall and win. One problem with higher tax bills has everything to do with assessments. Your tax assessor may only review rates every few years

Property Taxes

The Upside of Falling Home Prices

Tweet A general survey of the national housing market shows that foreclosures are up, home values are way down and sellers are taking a beating as listing prices plunge. We

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Property Values Plunge Yet Property Taxes Are Increasing

Tweet 2008 will go down as a year of contrasts. By late Spring gas prices began to surge eventually topping $4 per gallon by summer. Later in the fall, gas

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The 4 Elements Of Your Mortgage Loan

Tweet Your home loan consists of four elements, two that you are probably aware of, and those are the principal and interest. Two additional elements, taxes and insurance, must also

Property Taxes

Is Your Homeowners’ Insurance Sufficient?

Tweet How good is your homeowners’ insurance policy? Has it been updated since you first took it out? Does it reflect the big surge in home prices over the past

Property Taxes

You Can Challenge Your Property Taxes

Tweet Homeowners will often gripe about their taxes, but not too many people will actually do something about it. According to the National Taxpayers Union (NTU), more than 60% of