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Money Management

How to Save Money in This Lousy Economy

Tweet Economists agree that the last recession ended in June 2009, but that is small comfort for most Americans. With nearly 15 million people unemployed, signs of recovery are nearly

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Bad Weather Coming? Don’t Forget The Pets!

Tweet Hurricane season isn’t the only time of the year when bad weather can change your plans. If the tempest becomes bad enough you may have to evacuate your home

Consumer Tips

Finding Food When Everyone Else Panics

Tweet I just got word from a friend who lives in the snow belt—currently defined as that swath of land from Virginia northward through New England—that their local grocery store

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Are You Prepared For The Next Hurricane?

Tweet All eyes are on the tropics as the first group of named storms crop up, with one or more poised to make landfall over the coming days. For people

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You Can Save Money On Travel This Summer

Tweet Families who are making vacation plans for summer travel are understandably hesitant to commit their funds early on given the current economic climate. In addition, recent small increases in

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Should You Stock Up On Groceries In Advance Of Inflation?

Tweet Budgeting is crucial during times like these. Though gasoline and food prices have retreated from last summer’s highs, there is something else that could threaten costs, possibly putting undue

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Tight Economic Times Mean Thrifty, But Nutritious Eating

Tweet We live in a society where we’re accustomed to eating well and lots of it. Our portion sizes have been super-sized and meals are fancy, full and calorie laden.

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Feeling Sleepy This Thanksgiving? Tryptophan Could Be The Culprit!

Tweet With three NFL games scheduled on Thanksgiving Day, you might think that the lowly Lions’ performance against the mighty Titans is what is causing you to feel sleepy. Fresh

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Thanksgiving Traditions: Save On Groceries

Tweet Thanksgiving I find to be one of the most wonderful holidays of all, a day when Americans of every race, creed, and gender can give thanks to their Creator

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Can Coupons Still Bring Big Savings Your Way?

Tweet Coupons have long been a staple of American life, offering clippable savings on a wide variety of food, clothing, entertainment, and personal items. When I was young, coupons ranging

Consumer Tips

Bundle Your Bills To Save Big Bucks

Tweet Consumers looking to reduce household expenses can find savings by reviewing their monthly bills and seeing which ones can be bundled together. In times past phone, cable, and cellular

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Are You Anxious? Throw A Party!

Tweet You’ve just logged on to read your third quarter 401(k) statement and the news is not pretty. In fact, with your net loss pushing 20%, you imagine that it

Home Tips

How To Save Money, Part 3: Fun

Tweet This is the final installment in a three-part series focusing on important ways you can save money on food, fuel, and fun. So you’re not going on vacation this

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How To Save Money, Part 1: Food

Tweet This is the first installment in a three-part series focusing on important ways you can save money on food, fuel, and fun. It doesn’t take a genius to realize