Bundle Your Bills To Save Big Bucks

Bundle Your Bills To Save Big Bucks


Consumers looking to reduce household expenses can find savings by reviewing their monthly bills and seeing which ones can be bundled together. In times past phone, cable, and cellular bills were billed Home Savingsseparately, but these days companies are bundling various plans together and passing these savings back to their customers.

It isn’t just utility bills which can be bundled as insurance companies also offer similar savings when you do business with them. Let’s explore how you can save money, perhaps as much as $100 (or more) each month by bundling your expenses together.

Major Media — If you have a cell phone, land line, cable connection and internet, some companies offer all four services to you at one low price. In my area, Time Warner Cable offers such a plan (minus the cell phone) and charges an initial rate of $29.95 per month for each service for twelve months. After that, the offer expires, but we’re saving about $100 each month by bundling digital phone, cable, and internet connection together. Yes, our plan includes long distance including to Canada, giving us one flat bill every month. AT&T and Verizon are two providers which will allow you to bundle all four services together.

Insurance — If you have car insurance and homeowners insurance, having one insurance company provide this service to you will generally result in savings of 5-15% off of your premium. However, make sure that the coverage you have is adequate when allowing one insurer to cover you and compare plans to see if insuring elsewhere, but through separate companies offers the best savings.

Heating, Cooling and Electricity — In some parts of the country, consumers have choice when it comes to home energy providers. On company provides gas for heating and cooling while another one may provide electricity. If one company can adequately provide both services and offer to you a discount on their plan, why not consider giving them your business?

Food Shopping — Who hasn’t been shocked this year when they discovered just how fast food prices were rising? Like gasoline, food prices are shooting up thanks to the cost of transporting goods which are usually delivered by trucks. Guess what? Truckers are getting slammed by diesel fuel costs and need to recoup their costs too. Now is the time to consider consolidating your shopping to one store such as a warehouse club that carries food, household items, clothing, even discounts on fuel and tires. You’ll have to pay a membership fee to join, but you’ll get that money back within the first two times you shop.

Lowering your bills can be done by bundling accounts, a move that can bring about quick savings without instituting additional cutbacks. Take the money you save by bundling costs and put it into savings or use these funds to balance your budget and tackle whatever outstanding debt that you may have.


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