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Consumer Financing

How to Put Your Financial House in Order

Tweet What you spend — The problem most people have when it comes to financial matters is not knowing how much they spend. Overspending is a significant part of the

Consumer Tips

7 Bad Economy Money Tips

Tweet For example, Washington politicians are largely sheltered, drawing huge wages and enjoying lavish benefits. Just the same, there are people who are taking advantage of difficult times and squeezing

Money Management

How to Survive Barack Obama’s Economy

Tweet President Barack H. Obama has been in office for more than 2.5 years and the American economy and its outlook is owned by him. Many Americans were okay with

Credit Cards

Winning the Game of Credit Cards

Tweet By Peter Sanders It has been said that those who write their financial goals down are more likely to succeed. With this in mind, you will want to begin

Money Management

5 Hot Finance Tips for the Midyear

Tweet July is as good a time as any to find out whether your goals are being met or whether you must tweak your plans. Follow these tips and you’ll

Money News

How to Survive a Double-Dip Recession

Tweet How are you reacting to bad economic news? Still, no matter how poorly the economy performs, there are always opportunities for enterprising people to survive what may prove to

Money Management

How to Make More Money

Say the word “budget” to some folks and you’ll find them running for cover. That’s because when it comes to constraining oneself, a budget may seem too hard to implement.

Home Financing

How to Get Your Home Equity Line of Credit

A home equity line of credit (HELOC) can provide much needed funds for homeowners, providing cash to update their homes and take on other important projects.

Credit Cards

How To Obtain Lower Interest Rates On Credit Cards

Tweet Credit card interest rates are all over the place. New card holders often enjoy a low introductory rate, sometimes at 0 percent for six months to a year. Some

Consumer Tips

Consumer Alert: Hotel Credit Card Scam

Tweet You’ve arrived in your hotel room and just finished unpacking your suitcase when the phone rings. You answer the phone and the caller says they are with hotel management,

Money Management

Drowning In Debt? A DIY Lifeline For You!

Tweet Tens of millions of consumers today are facing financial difficulties ranging from late payments on their utility bills to foreclosure on their homes. Job loss, illness, overspending, and other

Consumer Tips

Budgets And Why You Need One

Tweet One of the most despised words for some people is the word budget as it offers to them certain negative connotations such as restrictiveness and deferment. True, a budget

Money Management

How To Save Money

Tweet As the recession lengthens, we’ll be hearing contradictory reports that it has eased, ended even worsened. There are a number of different metrics used to determine when a recession

Debt Management

Contemplating Bankruptcy? Don’t Do It!

Tweet These are stressful times for many consumers who are finding it difficult to keep up with their bills and manage their debt. For some, the only way out could

Home Buying Home Tips

Housing Silver Lining: Retirement Homes Are Cheaper

Tweet Our new president, Barack Hussein Obama, has declared that our country needs hope, a change in the way that we do things. Given the wholesale slaughter that the housing