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4 Ideas That Will Make Budgeting Easier

Budgeting can be a challenge for anyone because it is easier said than done. If you set a certain budget to spend only $300 per month on groceries, per se, and something comes up, the budget is broken for the month.


4 Creative Ways to Make Ends Meet

When things get tough, you can opt for drastic measures to tide over those difficult times. Look at a few of these ways to manage those times.


How to Involve Everyone in Family Budgeting

Tweet Family budgeting is not the responsibility of one person. The whole family has to be involved in it. This is why when you are making your monthly or annual


Using Technology for Finance Management and Debt Reduction

Advances in technology have made it much easier to manage finances effectively. Technology provides a worthwhile alternative to manual options by enhancing the speed and efficiency of finance management.


How to Manage Your Finances as a Single Mother

If you’re a single mother, you understand how hard it gets to pay bills in a timely manner while saving up for emergencies pertaining to your children.

Financial Planning

Must Read Financial Planning Tips to Get You Motivated For a Better Tomorrow

Tweet Most people find that starting a financial plan in the beginning of a new year is easier, but no matter when you start the important thing is to start.


Read This if Your Bank Statement Makes You Cringe

Tweet The 2012 Bankrate Financial Security Index found that 49 percent of Americans have less than three months of total expenses put away in case of emergency.1 Further, 28 percent


Buying Used, Being Frugal and Experiencing Financial Freedom

Tweet A cheap mind is one that only looks to spend less money, often accepting lower quality in exchange for lower costs. This can be found in the man that


Take Control of Your Spending

Tweet There are ways to do this without necessarily decreasing your quality of life. Below we will discuss some ways that you can take all your spinning and still live

Consumer Tips

Need Help With Budgeting? Websites That Can Help!

Tweet Millions of consumers are finding it difficult to make ends meet, living week to week on what they earn, hoping that they can keep up with their bills or