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The Safest Ways To Financially Support Loved Ones Living Abroad

A loved one might move abroad to get an education, explore the world or live with friends. It can be an enriching experience. You might also need to provide some financial support during this time.

Here are some safe ways to financially support loved ones living abroad.

Home Buying

The Importance of Mortgage Brokers in Home Financing

Mortgage brokers are the people who link borrowers to mortgage loan lenders. Their work is to help those who want to secure mortgage loans secure the most appropriate loan as well as help banks reach customers who need their financial services.

Home Buying

Six Common Financial Mistakes New Home Buyers Often Make

A home purchase is the one of most costly and permanent purchases many people will make.

And because of the time value of money, a small difference in a mortgage interest rate, or a home purchase price, is something that will have long term effects on the total cost of the home.

Mobile Devices

Top 5 Apps To Organize Your Financial Life

Many people have tried absurd number of applications that promised to ease, de-clutter and streamline their financial life. Most of these apps offer very little benefit and have complex learning curves. However, the following apps have made it to the hall of fame and are insanely resourceful.


College Loan Debt? Don’t Consolidate, Renegotiate

Loan consolidation is time consuming and mostly pointless. Loan renegotiation/refinancing on the other hand, is a smarter move that can actually save you a lot of money on your interest payments.

Career Planning

How to set up a successful Career in Ayurvedic Practice

Ayurveda is an ancient science of alternative medicine, where the practitioners seal to balance out the physical, mental and spiritual needs of every individual. Ayurvedic practitioners’ jobs are concerned with diagnosing their clients using tactile and visual inspection/evaluation of lifestyles and medical histories.

Career Development

What are the Earliest Stages of Career Planning?

People generally look at one aspect of a job and do not look at the other aspects. Once you are aware of all these aspects, only then you would be able to make the right decision.

Money News

5 Entrepreneurs Startups Can Take Inspiration From

When first starting out as an entrepreneur, it can often be a massive help if there is somebody that you can look up to and take inspiration from. Thankfully, there are a number of entrepreneurs out there who have worked their way up to success and provide a source of inspiration, motivation and admiration for many budding entrepreneurs aspiring to be successful.

Small Business

3 Small Business Tips for Those Who Stay at Home

There are a lot of business ideas with little or no investment. These have fast returns and you do not even have to leave your house to do these.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip Dec 20: Tax (or Fees) Increase?

Tweet You need to protect your income. So starting your own home business and setting it up as a S-Corp can help reduce your taxes (see your tax advisor for

Career Development

Think Before You Make That Job Change for Your Career Enhancement

Typically, people just look at the difference in salary while making a job change. But there is a lot more to a job than just the salary. Once you consider all these factors, you would know the difference between a job and a career.


Six Financial Mistakes You Should Avoid When It Comes to Investing

Research indicates that nearly half of all Americans invest some of their income for long-term gains. Some do it as day traders, which means they mostly handle their own trades on a daily or occasional basis.

Career Development

Career Planning the Right Way is Very Important for Everyone

Today job hopping has become the norm of the day. This is because people just look at the hike in salary and switch over to a new job. This may or may not be correct at all times. This is because a number of other things are to be considered while switching jobs.

Business Opportunities

Process of Building a Career in Healthcare Integration & Migration

For increasing the service quality in medical industry, IT is playing a great role. As you require flawless data about your patients for the medical analysis, accuracy is the primary factor which you should always keep in your mind.


4 Creative Ways to Make Ends Meet

When things get tough, you can opt for drastic measures to tide over those difficult times. Look at a few of these ways to manage those times.