How to set up a successful Career in Ayurvedic Practice

How to set up a successful Career in Ayurvedic Practice
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    Ayurveda is an ancient science of alternative medicine, where the practitioners seal to balance out the physical, mental and spiritual needs of every individual.

    Ayurvedic practitioners' jobs are concerned with diagnosing their clients using tactile and visual inspection/evaluation of lifestyles and medical histories.


Based on their findings, the practitioner designs a remedy/regimen consisting of herbal oils and supplements, massage and yoga. Patients will also be given a lifestyle adjustment plan including diet and exercise choices. For those patients whose age is advanced, regimens will include ayurvedic anti-aging serums in order to prevent premature and/or excessive wrinkling.

Career requirements for ayurvedic practitioner

  • Degree level – choices between short-term training programs and professional degrees. The latter are however available only in India; online courses are also available
  • Practice fields – Ayurveda may be studied under medicine, Homeopathy, Naturopathy or Chinese medicine and acupuncture and other related fields
  • Licensing – one doesn’t need formal licensing to practice Ayurveda; medical professionals however, must have requisite licensing
  • Importance skills – heightened olfactory, tactile and visual acuity, clinical observatory skills and adequate knowledge of Sanskrit.
  • Average earning potential – approximately $30,000-50,000 annually depending on area of practice

Getting a Bachelors’ Degree

Many ayurvedic practitioners have some background in a medical career of some sort. To pursue ayurvedic medicine, you must first complete your undergraduate degree in a related field. Most medical programs have stringent admission criteria; so ensure you know this before enlisting in your undergrad course. Choosing a medical specialty field such as holistic medicine will make it easier for you to pursue medicine, further ahead.

Completing professional programs

After your undergraduate degree, work on pursuing professional training in a medical specialty area of your choosing. There are a vast number of options including Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture among others. All programs should include extensive clinical practice hours in addition to lecture-based coursework.

Getting licensed

Chiropractors, nurses, doctors, acupuncturists and other medical practitioners in the US, must be duly licensed in order to practice. There are different licensing requirements depending on your specific field of practice, but all of them require completion of relevant coursework and a specific duration of clinical practice. An exam will usually be administered prior to licensing.

Doing your Ayurveda Course

Ayurvedic training programs impart knowledge on the foundations and applications of ayurvedic techniques for successful practice. They include herbal therapies, dietary practices, and yoga techniques among others. Schools offer basic to advanced programs which can take 3-6 months for each level, followed by clinical internships before certification. Ensure that whatever program you join is approved by NAMA.

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Continuing education

Just like any other field of medicine, it’s important to plan for continued education to keep abreast of any changes in the field. Regular seminars and workshops with peers may also help, especially after you set up your own practice.

The author is a qualified ayurvedic practitioner who has been practicing alternative medicine in the US for over one decade. Contact him for information on ayurvedic anti-aging serums, other products and alternative medicine regimens to improve your skin and bodily wellbeing.


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