How Much Education Do You Need to Be a Personal Trainer?

How Much Education Do You Need to Be a Personal Trainer?
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    Most of the time people who are passionate about fitness are those who are more drawn to becoming personal trainers.


These are the people who feel invigorated after working out, enjoy playing sports during their time off from work, and have a real interest in encouraging others to meet their fitness goals. While you can technically go to school and earn a degree that will help you to become a personal trainer, the vast majority are actually self-taught.

So, what do you need to become a personal trainer? Education is one major key. At, average wages for personal trainers can be researched and compared. So, here’s the type of education you definitely need if you want to become a professional personal trainer.

Know Your Exercise Equipment

At the gym, there’s a lot of equipment that personal trainers can use to get their clients into better shape. Elliptical machines are low impact and great for cardio while rowing machines are best for working out the upper body area. If you are going to be helping people to become fitter, you have to get to them to challenge themselves while avoiding injury. This is why you need to understand how each piece of exercise equipment works as well as how to change settings on each machine quickly.

Physical Anatomy

As much as personal trainers have to be comfortable using and demonstrating how to work out on various pieces of exercise equipment, they also need to understand basic physical anatomy. Fitness technology can help you to calculate how many pounds one of your clients can safely lose a week, but you also have to consider personal limitations, such as those related to past injuries. In other words, you will need to be aware of what kind of physical stress you should be having your clients avoid so that they can lose weight and get fit safely. Know how to tailor workout routines for your male as well as your female clients.

Understand Business Concepts

If you are a personal trainer you pretty much either work for a gym or you are self-employed. Personal trainers that are employed by fitness centers or individuals will earn a regular salary. By contrast, self-employed personal trainers only earn money when they book sessions. As you can see, becoming a personal trainer doesn’t guarantee that you will make money hand over fist. Some really famous exercise aficionados, such as Billy Blanks became successful by choreographing workout routines that people could do at home. As a personal trainer, you might need to do something similar if you are wanting to create a strong business.

Being a college educated personal trainer can be really good for you, especially if you want to work at a highly regarded gym in a major city. On the other hand, your clients will mostly want to know that you are sure you know what you’re doing. So, learn how to raise the incline on a treadmill and measure body fat on clients before you start working as a personal trainer.

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