5 Entrepreneurs Startups Can Take Inspiration From

5 Entrepreneurs Startups Can Take Inspiration From
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    When first starting out as an entrepreneur, it can often be a massive help if there is somebody that you can look up to and take inspiration from.

    Thankfully, there are a number of entrepreneurs out there who have worked their way up to success and provide a source of inspiration, motivation and admiration for many budding entrepreneurs aspiring to be successful.


Let’s meet five inspirational entrepreneurs who you would definitely benefit from looking up to.

Aubrey Chernick

The founder of Candle Corp, Aubrey Chernick, started out as a systems computer programmer who loved his work but dreamed about branching out on his own and setting up his own company. In 1975, he did just that, and Candle Corp and its first product, Omegamon, was born. Being the first of its kind, this product soon became a market share leader, and Candle Corp became one of the leading providers to top global company IBM along with other Fortune 500 companies. Named Software CEO of the Year in 2003, Chernick has worked hard to retain his company’s success and is dedicated to giving back with contributions to a number of charities including his own Candle Foundation.

Sir Richard Branson

When you think about the hugely popular and successful company Virgin, you might never realize that its founder started off with £300 (around $450). At the age of 16, Virgin’s founder Richard Branson had created his first magazine, and by 1970 he was trading on London’s Oxford Street as Virgin Records. Today, Branson is the owner of a multi-billion-dollar company which covers everything from telecommunications to tours of space.

Bill Gates

A high-school drop-out, Gates is now one of the most prolific and also one of the richest entrepreneurs on earth. Launching the Microsoft company and brand in 1975 along with business partner Paul Allen, what started as a small start-up with a huge vision has rapidly become one of the most successful and leading companies today.

Steve Jobs

One of the most well-known and respected entrepreneurs, the late founder of Apple is an inspiration to any entrepreneur with a vision. The now multi-billion and worldwide company Apple had its beginnings in a humble garage in California’s Menlo Park where the Homebrew Computer Club, a group of computer enthusiasts, would meet. It was here that Steve Jobs would meet Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder, and develop their idea for the first Apple computer.

Mark Zuckerberg

If anyone can be living proof of how much a simple idea can grow into a massive success, Mark Zuckerberg can. As a college student, Zuckerberg came up with the idea to create a campus social media site in order to provide students with a way of getting in touch and getting to know each other. That social networking site is now Facebook, which is used worldwide and the most popular social media platform to date.

The one ingredient that each of these entrepreneurs achieved was self-discipline and motivation. They believed in themselves and the potential that they could achieve.

Need to build your own self-discipline? A good place to start is our success building module that delves deep into self-discipline and motivational models. May we ask for a quick “comment/share” for all other to enjoy.

Which entrepreneurs inspire you, and why? Whether they’re on this list or not, we’d love it if you gave them a mention in the comments.


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