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How to Finance a Used Car

The majority of used car buyers put most of their car buying efforts into locating the perfect vehicle. True, it is very important to find the right car but it is also equally important to figure out how to pay for it.

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Cars Are No More A Luxury Item, Thanks To Car Finance

Until a decade ago, cars use to be a luxury item that was meant only for rich people. Nowadays, it is not only a luxury item, but it is a need of the people.

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How to Save Money on New Car Financing

Tweet Still, there are ways you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your purchase by comparing prices, taking advantage of rebates and other special offers, and reducing

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7 Car Buying Considerations for New Car Shoppers

Tweet Smart tips when shopping for a new car. If you’re in a position to buy a new car, there are seven car buying considerations to weigh before you make

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New Car Deals Remain Strong

Like many consumers, you may think that the best deals on new cars are offered at the end of the calendar year.

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No Credit Auto Loans: Are They Possible?

You want to get an auto loan but realize your lack of a solid credit history may stand in the way. Although having established credit is certainly a good way to help you get additional credit, there are some things for you to consider before applying for credit.

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Should You Take the Rebate or the Auto Financing?

Tweet If you’re planning to buy a new car, more than likely the dealer will offer you some sort of incentive to help persuade you to buy. Incentives usually always

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New Car Now Or Wait For Cash For Clunkers?

Tweet The U.S. Congress is debating the merits of a federal government program where buyers of news cars could be entitled to a hefty discount on their purchase if they

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GMAC Ushers In Tougher Auto Financing Restrictions

Tweet GMAC — once known as the General Motors Acceptance Corporation, the financing arm for GM — announced recently some changes that may impact whether you can finance your next

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For Automakers, The Leasing Squeeze Is On

Tweet One of the big downsides for automakers who provide financing for vehicles through their own financing companies is that these businesses are losing a lot of money. Contributing to

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Consumers Given Strong Incentive To Buy New Cars Now

Tweet It certainly is a buyer’s market for consumers who want to purchase a new vehicle. With auto sales down year over year compared to last year, many automakers are

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Car Loan Applications Done Right

Tweet You’ve found the car that you want and at a price that you can afford. Well, at a price that you can afford if you are able to wrap

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Unearthing Terrific Deals On Luxury Cars

Tweet The recent drop in car sales for the month of January 2008 (4.3% according to Autodata Corp. which tracks auto sales) wasn’t a surprise to industry experts. Mostly everyone

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Finding & Buying Your Next Car

Tweet What are your financing options? Last month, a few weeks before the year came to a close, I decided to track via my auto blog many of the major

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Are You Giving The Gift Of Wheels This Christmas?

Tweet Among my favorite automotive commercials are those where a shopper purchases a vehicle and presents it to a loved one for Christmas. A car key for a late model