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5 Stocks to Watch in 2016

Tweet Despite great up and down movements caused by both bears and bulls, 2015 ended along the notes that were constant in the second part of the year. 2016 started

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Busy Dads: How to Stay Connected While Traveling

Tweet Road warrior dads must rely on their wives to provide the bulk of the parenting, but thanks to modern technologies, fathers can remain engaged with their children even when

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Good Idea: Google Abandons Windows OS

Tweet It was bound to happen. Google is abandoning the Microsoft Windows operating system, telling its workers to use Linux powered PCs or switch to Mac and Apple’s proprietary OS.

Money News

June 7 Apple iPhone Debut Likely

Tweet Among the annual events important to many people are Christmas, their birthdays, and summer vacations. But for technophiles the next big Apple release ranks right up there, with the

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Finally, Consumers Have Some Real Choices With Computing

Tweet Personal computer users have had two choices when it comes to fulfilling their computer needs: purchase a low-cost, cheaply made and virus vulnerable Microsoft computer with the Windows Vista