Good Idea: Google Abandons Windows OS

Good Idea: Google Abandons Windows OS


It was bound to happen. Google is abandoning the Microsoft Windows operating system, telling its workers to use Linux powered PCs or switch to Mac and Apple’s proprietary OS. Mashable and TechCrunch have reported that Google is weaning itself from its reliance on its rival’s flawed system, noting that Chinese hackers accessed Google’s network earlier this year because of the tech company’s dependence on Windows.

Chrome OS

The news isn’t all that surprising given that Google’s own operating system, Chrome OS, is under development. The Internet giant already has the Chrome browser, thus a switch away from Microsoft Windows had been long expected.

But the news is likely to cause other companies to evaluate their reliance on Windows operating systems given its vulnerability to hacking and general instability. With the dominant amount of viruses and computer reliability issues impacting PCs running on Windows, other options need to be explored.

Abandoning Microsoft completely won’t be in the cards. The vast majority of computer users access the Internet with cheaply made personal computers, with only a small, but loyal cohort pursuing Apple products or utilizing Linux on their PCs.

Microsoft Switch

All companies are likely to keep at least a small amount of Windows computers handy in order to see how their products interact with that operating system and other Microsoft products. Geeks know that Firefox and some other browsers are far superior to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but they also know that getting people to switch is a slow process, one that has only been somewhat successful.

According to TechCrunch, the Chrome OS offers users a number of advantages including eliminating the need for Windows. Working in conjunction with the browser, Chrome OS doesn’t require problematic downloads with important operating system functions working remotely. Yes, Chrome OS is “in the cloud” computing, removing the operating system backbone from the customer and putting it squarely in the care of Google.

Given Google’s own issues with privacy lately, switching to Chrome OS may not be the desirable choice for some computer users. That’s where Linux and Apple come in, offering people a robust and secure alternative to broken Windows and dominant Google.

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