4 People You Need to Talk to When Your Small Business Hits Big Problems

4 People You Need to Talk to When Your Small Business Hits Big Problems
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    Operating a small business can go smoothly until tough times hit.

    Then, when faced with a major problem, you may need to seek professional assistance.


If your company is dealing with a big issue, here are some of the experts you should consider contacting for expert guidance and support.


Your company probably has a licensed accountant or CPA who handles your business accounts. That person may also be responsible for or contribute information toward the operating budget.

When financial difficulties hit, it will be important to work closely with your accountant to adjust the budget if needed. That may impact the operations and costs of a business, requiring changes to enable the organization to ride out the storm.

An accountant can suggest ways of cutting costs and possibly increasing revenues to keep the company afloat. They can also see where money is being wasted, and can help you cut all non-essentials to keep your business afloat without resorting to layoffs or lower level paycuts.


When a problem arises, it is often a good idea to consult a corporate lawyer about various issues that may need to be dealt with.

For example, in sexual discrimination claims related to hiring new employees, you may need to show evidence that you have equitably recruited and interviewed applicants of various races, genders, and nationalities before hiring the person who now holds the position.

For personal injury lawsuits, you will need to provide information to indicate that your company maintains industry-standard safety protocols and protective resources onsite.

A lawyer can help you to responsibly address claims and collect required documentation. Offices like the Carter and West Lawfirm can help with the vast majority of small business legal needs.

Loan officer

If your company is experiencing financial hardship due to an economic downturn, you may be able to apply for a personal loan or a small business loan to cover expenses temporarily. A loan officer with a bank, credit union, or other financial lending agency can discuss the application process and help to determine whether you may be eligible for a loan.

You can also get a financial perspective on your company’s current situation and future prospects. Of course, you should never take out a loan that you won’t be able to pay later down the road, so be careful about taking out loans when your business is in trouble, and always be forthright with the loan officer about your business’s current situation.

Marketing Expert

When confronted by a problem of almost any type, a professional marketing expert can advise you on how to navigate the crisis while maintaining a positive public image. Your company may need to revise its services on a short-term or permanent basis to meet current public demand.

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A marketing professional can help you to retain your current client base while considering ways of targeting additional prospective clients. This is also important for companies that need to narrow their marketing tactics to more effectively hit their primary audience.

As a company owner, you don’t have to struggle through a difficult situation alone. Small businesses especially need help as they often don’t have the private resources that larger companies have. Get in touch with experts like these to deal with a difficult situation and to keep going strong for the future.

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