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How to Use the Stock Market to Earn Money for Yourself

As a shareholder, you owe a piece of a corporation. If it’s common stock, you at least theoretically, have a say in the operation and governance of the company.


How to Learn to Make Your Money Work for You

Present expenses and future goals call for you to stretch your dollars and make them grow. The decisions you make with your money now can help you accumulate wealth or lead you to financial difficulties.

Career Development

Love Welding? How to Buy New Equipment Without Breaking the Bank

It is not easy to find new welding equipment on a budget. Most people on a budget resign themselves to clicking through Craigslist listings and buying items of dubious quality.


How to Manage Finances When Unexpected Events Come Your Way

Life is full of surprises. Most of us experience emergency or sudden events that cost money when we may not have much extra to spare.

Business Financing

How to Manage Finances When You Own a New Business

The financial decisions made as a new business determine its survival in its first year. Managing finances is a challenging task, and business owners need to acquire financial skills to create good financial habits.

Estate Planning

4 Things to Have Covered When Planning an Estate

Estate planning, for a long time, focused mainly on the distribution of your assets following your death. It’s actually more complicated now than ever, as it can include dealing with making burial or cremation arrangements, deciding health care directives, and even assigning particular individuals to make decisions on your behalf while you’re still alive but incapacitated.

Money Making

How to Teach Your Kids to Be Financially Savvy for Life

Teaching your children about money is one of the most important things you can do for them. Teaching them about money is a process that should start early and continue throughout their lives.

Money News

Planning an Estate? How to Get the Job Done Right the First Time

When it comes to estate planning, there is no room for mistakes. If you don’t do it right the first time, you could end up costing your loved ones a lot of money and headaches down the road.

Autos Express

Think You Can’t Afford to Own a Car? 5 Ways You Can Save on Regular Auto Costs

Owning a car can be expensive. There are all sorts of costs that go along with it besides just actually purchasing the car.

Business Financing

Where’s Your Money? Tips for Dealing With Delayed or Denied Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers’ compensation law is a critical part of the relationship between business and employee. However, the system is often slow, and workers’ compensation laws can be complicated.

Travel Tips

Investing in Travel: Smart Ways You Can Make Money in the Tourism Industry

People love to travel. Whether it be for business or pleasure, you can always find individuals and families boarding flights and loading into the car to take off to vacation and business destinations.

Home Financing

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Mortgage Lender Before Signing

Getting a mortgage is a huge commitment, and the amount of information you will get during the process is often overwhelming. Fortunately, you’ll usually be working with someone whom you can discuss the process before you sign.

Home Improvement

Does Your New House Need a Little Work? Professionals to Talk to After Closing on Your Home

Now that you have the keys to your newly-purchased home, it’s time to let the professionals take a look and make any needed repairs before you move in.