Different Ways Businesses Can Encourage Public Sanitation

Different Ways Businesses Can Encourage Public Sanitation
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    Sanitation. It’s a topic that was important pre-COVID, but even more so now.

    With many different variants and other common illnesses spreading around, it’s crucial that your business encourages public sanitation.


Not only will it make your customers feel safe and valued, but it may increase customer retention rates. Learn how your business can use different ways to encourage public sanitation.

Clean, Hands-Free Doors

Door handles can be the epitome of a germ’s home. Many hands touch these every day. Just imagine the amount of cross-contamination that can transpire from this simple act.

This is why automatic revolving doors contribute to cleanliness. They simply negate the act of having to touch door handles. It will encourage public sanitation greatly.

We also encourage leaving anti-bacterial wipes near doors. That way, patrons can freely wipe down door handles, surfaces, and other items that often see constant contact.

Doing so will provide peace of mind and reduce cross-infection. It also helps to keep publicly available hand sanitizer in bathrooms, lounge areas, or central offices.

Similar to anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitizer allows visitors to engage in sanitary practices without a mess or fuss. You can even install an automated hand sanitizer station, so people don’t need to touch the same dispenser.

Regular Cleaning

Depending on your business, you should pursue basic daily cleaning before, during, and after closing. This will ensure germs are destroyed and other unwanted guests, such as rodents, are not welcome.

In addition to basic cleaning, consider hiring a monthly or weekly professional cleaning company. They can get to the nitty gritty while you’re closed and add to the security of killed germs.

It may be worth hiring a professional cleaning staff to ensure they sanitize every corner of your building. Otherwise, you can purchase cleaning supplies and do it yourself.

Just make sure you get every nook and cranny to eliminate germs.

Air Purification

Air purification is an easy yet effective way to kill germs. And it may be the cheapest of the different ways you can encourage public sanitation.

Keep in mind that these purifiers can leave an odor in the air. Simply turn it down during the day and increase its effectivity during the night.

Air purifiers eliminate contaminated air particles that could house serious infectious diseases. Airborne diseases are some of the most contagious, especially in crowded environments such as small businesses or offices.

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Do yourself a favor and take the premeditated route with an air purification system. Sanitation and community health should be an integrated part of your business.

Don’t let this important aspect fall to the wayside. Invest in the possibilities mentioned above so that your business can help reduce airborne and contact illnesses.

Take pride in contributing to your customers health.

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