How to Get a Career as a Stockbroker in a Brokerage House or in an Investment Firm

How to Get a Career as a Stockbroker in a Brokerage House or in an Investment Firm
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    To become a stockbroker in a brokerage house, investment firm or as an independent investor, you need to get into a sort of apprenticeship or mentorship program in a reputable organization.


To get into such a position, you need to start as a junior stockbroker and work your way up into being a fully-fledged stockbroker with a great career.

The role of a junior stockbroker is mainly to get people to invest in the stock markets. As a junior stockbroker your role is to advise companies and people on how they can best invest and manage their money in the stock exchange, at a particular moment in time, based on current circumstances and future predictions.
To become a junior stockbroker, you need to take the following into consideration.

Acquire as much knowledge as you can

To be accepted into a position as a junior stockbroker, you need to have displayed a capacity to excel at the job. Whereas the normal indicators for this are a good performance in high school education, a bachelor’s degree and an MBA. You don’t necessarily need these traditional qualifications.

If you are able to show a strong capacity and talent in mathematics, as well as a strong aptitude for absorbing and understanding finance and stocks, you will very likely get acceptance into a junior stockbroker’s position.

Get some experience

The irony about finding a job these days in most professional positions is that you are usually required to have some job experience. If you want to overcome this potential hurdle by the time you are looking for a professional position, you need to find the experience early enough.

The best way to get work experience is to start by finding an intern position in a brokerage house, investment bank or any other financial institution including a lawsuit funding company. The important thing is to get experience in a finance environment if you are not able to find an exact match for experience in a brokerage firm.

Polish up on your networking skills

If you want to find a job easily, as well as be in touch with many other professionals who could prove to be quite useful in sharing vital information with while on the job, you need to polish up on your networking skills. This means that you have to learn how and where to interact with the best people in the industry.

Be prepared of an arduous schedule

Since as a junior stockbroker you will be trying to prove your worth and value to the organization that you work for, you need to prepare for long working hours and very short weekends if any at all. Between working normal work hours, as well as, extra hours after work and over weekends, you should also be able to prove your mettle by handling high pressure, short deadlines as well as staying up to date with news as it happens in real time.

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Weston Bishop has been a lawyer for the last 15 years, he has a particular acumen for finance and consults for several lawsuit funding companies on best practices in finance and law. Visit his blog for more information.


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