How To Land Your Dream Job

How To Land Your Dream Job
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    Deep down, we all know that there's a job out there that would be the perfect fit for us.

    Sometimes, we decide not to pursue it because it doesn't seem practical.

    Other times, it just seems too hard to get.


Regardless of the reason you’ve been putting it off, the littlest push can often be the thing to wake you up and get you to follow your desired career path. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips on how to land your dream job.

We hope that at least one of these tips will inspire you to follow your passion.

Rework Your Resume and Cover Letter

If you wrote your resume back in college and haven’t touched it since, now is the time to spice it up. The best way to do this is to research what form of resume is most common in your desired field—don’t just copy that layout, though. You still want it to stand out from the others, but as long as you focus on the same things as the examples, you’re more likely to get noticed.

Also, it’s best to tailor cover letters to each application, but we all know that you’ve been using the same format for years—probably even most of the same text. When it comes to your dream job, you need to start from scratch.

Show them how passionate and excited you are about even getting the opportunity to apply. Then, follow it up with how that will bleed over into your work if they hire you.

Build Your Online Presence

There’s a good chance you already have a LinkedIn profile and a personal website. If you don’t, you should start there. If you do, don’t stop at simply having them—expand upon them.

Grow your network on LinkedIn, and engage with them regularly. Keep your website up to date and actively do things that you can add to it later. Both steps will help get you noticed.

Focus Your Job Search

If you’re still applying to every job that comes your way, you need to stop that. The best way to land your dream job is to put all your efforts into getting it. If you waste time applying to jobs you don’t care about, you’re limiting your chances of getting the one you truly desire.

Of course, if you are fresh out of college, this tip may not be for you. For some dream jobs, you need some experience to back up what you learned in school. There’s nothing wrong with working a job you’re less enthusiastic about to help you get the one you really want later.

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Move Closer to Your Opportunities

If you are a recent graduate, a better step might be to move to an area where your desired field is located. For example, if you want to get into the film industry, you pretty much need to live in California. There are plenty of tips available online for those looking to make a big move like that.

This tip works for everyone, though. If you live close to the place you are applying for, your chances of getting the job over someone who lives across the country are astronomically better.

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