Simple Guide to Achieving Exceptional Dreams

Simple Guide to Achieving Exceptional Dreams
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    Almost everyone has a dream but hardly a fraction of these people are able to fulfil them.

    These days, the young students are making drastic shifts when it comes to their career fronts.


A visibly large fraction of the youngsters today across the globe are opting for career choices blindly.

An important decision like choosing the career should be based purely on what one intend to do in life and on the skill sets, talent, passion and interest one holds for a particular field or position. However, a lot of people fail to do so and hence end up in graduate schemes which are these days best explained by the verbose “to be something and want to be something else”.

Here is a simple and clean guide that explains everything from this deep routed problem of lost dreams and careers to its solutions.

The problem of running away

A lot of young students are not confident with their dreams. In the sense, even if they know what they wish to become in life, still they opt for easier and different alternatives. While some students try to cover up for this problem thinking that it is beyond their comfort zone, some of them plainly think that they just can’t do it. There are also people who are afraid of going ahead with the unconventional and losing on a secure future. However, this is not the case as no profession which is in line with the legal terms of the country can provide you with an insecure or lost future.

Present Scenario

A recently published expert report by the psychologists of California conducted a study that took into account a large number of university students and compared the nature of their actual interests and the nature of the graduate schemes they enrolled for in the colleges. According to the study results, following two are the biggest scenarios that shape up as major factors for such a condition.

  • Parent’s unfulfilled dreams.
  • Students killing their dreams themselves.

Case 1

Say, a 15 years old child, whose parents started from a small charitable organization and now are running a good established one want him or her to get into the same cause of charities and foundations in the community and further expand the organization to national level. But the child seems least interested in the business

This is a case of Parent’s Unfulfilled Dream.

The core problem in this case arises when the parents expect their children to do better than them because of the provided smoother path. However, in such a scenario, A few things are overlooked. The significant ones are the sense of entitlement and the uncertainties in going from parental dependence to independence.

What can be done?

Parents should clarify their expectations and what level of support they intend to provide. The best way to begin with this solution is to begin with adolescent.


In the above case, the parents would have made the child realize the importance to the family business. In addition to this, they would have helped by finding opportunities that are of his or her interest.

Case 2

A teen of 18, wants to be a wedding planner but is not really sure of her potential in it. Moreover, he or she feels that the middle class conservative family will never permit her to get into such an industry. As a result she quietly takes up science thinking it to be the most secure option from every side.

This is the case when your dream lost amidst of your own false belief. If you believe you can’t, chances are, you are right. This comes in accordance with the self- fulfilling prophecy.

The main problem here is that the child’s lost self-belief had eventually made him or her kill the passion and hence the dream itself. The fear and low confidence then further restrict a person from trying as well.

Author Bio:
Charlie Benson is a career counsellor and specialist who help children in making right career choices. He is currently linked as a counsellor with several graduation schemes of different universities. To know more about him visit his site.


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