Top 11 Reasons Why Being An HVAC Specialist Absolutely Rocks

Top 11 Reasons Why Being An HVAC Specialist Absolutely Rocks
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    An HVAC specialist is a person who works with HVAC systems to make sure that they are properly maintained, installed, and replaced should the need arise.


This is a rapidly growing career field for a number of reasons

1. More Jobs are Being Created all the Time

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that the field of HVAC specialists will grow by 34% between 2010 and 2020. This means that a person seeking a position will have a much easier time finding work than he or she would be able to otherwise.

2. Lots of Old HVAC Models

Most of the HVAC units that are installed today are far behind the technological standards of the new models today. With increasing concerns about energy efficiency, as well as decreasing the amount of toxins released into the air, many people are finding that they need new HVAC models or heavy maintenance for their older models. This improves job security.

3. Problem Solving

People love to solve puzzles and find connections between problems. That’s all HVAC specialists have to do throughout the course of their jobs. They need to look at an HVAC system, determine what is causing the problem, and then assess the best method that needs to be used to fix it.

4. Opportunities to Work Anyone in the World

Companies are experiencing an increased demand in labor because of the increased number of customers who are wishing to replace their current HVAC systems or reduce the amount of energy that they waste. As a result, a person can specialize in HVAC systems and move anywhere he or she wants to in the country.

5. Pay Increase

It is projected that the average earnings of an HVAC specialist are going to increase by up to 40%. This means that an HVAC specialist working for a major company can expect to make around $80,000 per year.

6. Job Security

There is absolutely no chance of a person losing his or her job as a result of being replaced with robots.

7. Able to Advance a Career

It is possible for a person who is working as an HVAC specialist has a huge capacity to grow in his or her career, moving up the ladder and taking on more responsibilities.

8. Make More than Minimum Wage

An HVAC specialist is able to make a great deal more than minimum wage, even just starting out.

9. Less Schooling

Although highly trained, most of the schooling that an HVAC specialist receives is on the job, while being paid.

10. Cheaper Schooling

The schools that those working the field are required to attend are much cheaper than their 4-year counterparts.

11. You don’t work in an Office

For some a desk job is just fine. But for those of us who can’t sit at a desk indoors all day, HVAC work might be an avenue for you.

A special thanks to Academy Mechanical Services Inc.  in Edmonton for contributing information to this article.


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