Why You Should Consider A Career As An Electrical Engineer

Why You Should Consider A Career As An Electrical Engineer
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    For some people out there, their future career has been imprinted on to their brains since they were a small child.

    Whether they wanted to be a teacher, police officer, vet, or a musician, knowing what they were going to be when they grew up never changed.


However, for millions upon millions of people out there, knowing what they want to do, just didn’t come easily.

One career that you may not have thought of is electrical engineering. If you haven’t, you really should, and here’s why.

What’s an electrical engineer

A fascinating field of work, this is one filled with opportunity, because it’s a career that’s integral to modern-day living. Just like doctors, nurses, and even teachers, electrical engineering is something the world needs and will continue to need into the foreseeable future.

What do they do?

Well, put simply, electrical engineers work with the supply and flow of power, helping to create the electrical devices we use every day, and helping to ensure they continue to work as they should.

It isn’t easy to get going, and you’ll first need to obtain an online masters degree in electrical engineering, which are perfect for fitting around your current work/life balance.

Then once it’s all finished, you’ll soon reap a wealth of benefits.

The benefits

All jobs and careers come with their perks, but this is one that comes with some that pretty much outshine a few other industries out there. It can be fun too, especially when learning.

Below, you’ll find seven reasons to study and then work in the world as an electrical engineer.

  • Good graduate prospects

    With a world economy that’s looked a little shaky over the last decade, and even more so in the past few years, many graduates, and those with degrees in various fields are finding it hard to move into jobs once they finish their courses. However, prospects for graduates in this field have remained high, suggesting that employment is still strong.

  • The starting salaries are high

    Always good news when considering a career, electrical engineers tend to enter the world of work on a good wage. This increases as your career progresses and can vary from state to state. As you can see, the salaries are nothing to be looked down on.

  • Worldwide opportunities

    It’s not just local work you could be getting. Working in the electrical engineering industry provides you with the opportunity to think globally. As electronic devices are used almost everywhere across the globe, you’ll have a skill that’s transferable in almost every country. So, if you ever wanted to emigrate, or the opportunity to work for a global company elsewhere arose, your career wouldn’t have to hold you back.

  • There’s always a demand

    As mentioned above, electronic devices are used across the globe. This doesn’t look to change anytime soon. You only have to look at the number of internet users in 2018, which stands at four billion globally to see this. Because of the ever-changing technological landscape, this means that work as an electrical engineer is one that’s almost guaranteed never to go extinct.

  • Constant development

    The constantly changing landscape also gives you the perfect opportunity to continue to learn new skills, and move into other areas within the field. Therefore, if you find your passion for one area decreasing, there could be another one emerging that you could excel at before anyone else.

  • It helps people

    This is something you may not have thought about, but this is a job that’ll allow you to help others. While not the same as being a doctor or a teacher, everyone needs electronics and they need them to work, and you can help with that. Depending on what industry you move into, you could also help to develop something that could be of extreme use to many.

  • Be at the forefront of future technologies

    Finally, this is an industry at the forefront of future technologies, and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? From healthcare to transport and robotics, there isn’t an industry that doesn’t need electrical engineers to help them advance.

While all this may sound extremely exciting when it comes to your future career, why don’t we take a look at some of the industries that you could be working in?


While it was mentioned that all industries need electrical engineers, it’ll probably help to see a list of the sectors you could probably go and work for once qualified.

These include:

  1. Aerospace industry
  2. Automotive industry
  3. Construction industry
  4. Defense industry
  5. Electronics industry
  6. Fast-moving consumer goods industry
  7. Marine industry
  8. Materials and metals industry
  9. Oil and gas industry
  10. Pharmaceuticals industry
  11. Power generation industry
  12. Rail industry
  13. Utilities industry
other valuable tips:

This is just a small sample, and you shouldn’t let this define where you’ll want to work in the future. Unless you want to. Meanwhile, it’s also good to remember that while the job is similar for each industry, each one will present its unique challenges daily.

Of course, you may not want to work in an industry, and you don’t have to. You could start your own business and fulfill the lifelong dream of working for yourself as your own boss. There are plenty of small business ideas out there for electrical engineers to harness. Some of these could even be done on the side while working for a company before you decide to go it alone.

With all this in mind, the thing you need to remember is, that while you may not have known what you wanted to do in the past, electrical engineering can offer you something you never thought you’d have before – a career.

That’s right, it’s more than just a job and as you’ve seen, it could take you around the world like other jobs can’t. So, don’t delay, check out a career in electrical engineering today and see if it’s the right thing for you.

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