Planning for a Career as a Vet Doctor? Things to Know

Planning for a Career as a Vet Doctor? Things to Know


Veterinarians also work to improve the public health also by controlling maladies and also restoring the biological organisms while caring for animals and treat them. They use a variety of practices to diagnose, research, and treat diseases of livestock, pets, and also other animals. The basic principles of veterinary science are quite similar to human medical science.

There is a growing demand for skilled veterinarians across the globe. More students are now getting interested in taking this specialty field of study both for the liking towards animals and also as a promising career. There are many people both in the urban and rural areas grow a variety of pets now, and there are many who grow animals for their livelihood too.

Who can become a veterinarian?

To enroll in the Bachelors of Veterinary Science programs and Animal Husbandry, someone should have passed their senior schooling with specialization of Biology and Chemistry.

Admission to veterinary colleges is made on the basis of academic performance as well as an aptitude test conducted by the institutions. After Bachelors, one can also do their Master’s degree in veterinary science in any specialized branch.

The work of a veterinarian

Veterinarian’s jobs include, but not limited to the following:

  • Examine animals and diagnosed their health issues.
  • Treating and dressing of wounds.
  • Conduct surgeries on animals.
  • Provide vaccinations
  • Operate the diagnostic medical equipment like x-rays, scanning, etc.
  • Advise the animal owners about pet care, medical ailments, medications, and treatment methodologies.
  • Provide necessary medications and injections.
  • Euthanize etc.

Veterinarians used to treat the illnesses and injuries of animals using a wide range of modern equipment and diagnostic methods now including x-ray, ultrasound, and surgical tools. Almost all treatments available to human are now available for animals too.

Types of veterinarians

As in the case of human healthcare, there are many specialties in vets too as follows:

  • Companion animal veterinarian

    They treat pets and practice at veterinary hospitals and clinics and care for pet dogs, cats, other pets as birds, rabbits, or ferrets, etc. They provide treatment and medications to animal health issues and coordinate with animal owners to ensure preventive healthcare to domestic animals. Animal vets also carry out surgical procedures, vaccinations, and dental work, etc.

  • Food animal veterinarian

    These vets usually deal with farm animals like pigs, cattle, or sheep, etc., which are usually raised for food. They may be left at their farms for much of the types, and the vets treat them for any injuries, illnesses, and also ensuring vaccination against diseases. They may also advise farm owners about proper housing, feeding, and health care of the inmates.

  • Horse veterinarian

    Horses for racing require optimum health care, and some vets practice specifically in this specialty. You can watch horse racing on Horse care vets are responsible for ensuring the well-being, stamina, and performance of horse of all types. Veterinarians for horses also take care of proper maintenance to give horses an ideal environment to live a healthy life.

  • Food safety and inspection vets

    They usually test the livestock to ensure the overall animal welfare and conduct research to improve their quality of life. These vets are also authorized to enforce government regulations for food safety. They design and run animal and public health campaigns for prevention or diseases and control of animal-transmissible diseases etc.

Career prospects of a vet

As we see above, there are various career options available for veterinary science graduates. With a tremendous development in the field f sciences and technology, different new avenues are opening at a rapid pace. The areas like large-scale dairy, poultry farms, piggery, mild production, egg, and meat production everything requires the service of a good veterinarian.

Urban dwellings require services of veterinarians to a significant extent to keep their pets like dogs, cats, doves, and parrots healthy. The private practices of vets have a huge scope in such areas. Governments also employ veterinarians into public health professions and for services at national parks, zoos, and wildlife sanctuaries, etc. There are also special defense service and police force entries for vets to take care of horses and dogs etc.

In addition to the above, there are academic sectors too for vets to enter into. Experienced vets are recruited to teach the new entrants at the vet colleges. Those who have Master’s in vet sciences can also get into research in this sector.

Licenses and registrations for veterinarians

To practice in the United States of America, veterinarians need a license. The registration needs may vary from state to state, but the primary requirement is to pass an accredited veterinary science graduate/postgraduate program by North American Veterinary Licensing Examination.

As of late, American Veterinary Medical Association gives recognition in 41 vet specialties by providing certifications including, but not limited to surgery, internal medicine, microbiology, etc. Even though specialty certification is not mandatory for veterinarians, it will showcase exceptional skill-sets and expertise in a particular specialty.

Work settings of a veterinarian

Majority of the veterinarians work at private clinics or hospitals. There are others who travel to farms or zoos to take care of the animals there. Veterinarians need to work outdoors too in all kind of weathers and may have to perform surgery and provide treatment at remote locations too. Those veterinarians who work at the food safety or inspection need to travel to slaughterhouses, farms, and food-processing plants to check the animal health and to certify if the facility meets all the safety protocols.

other valuable readings:

The work life of a vet can be stressful and also includes travel to distant places. Veterinarians also get exposed to places like slaughterhouses, farms, ranches, and also may have to interact with wildlife, which is both physically and mentally demanding. There are also chances that a vet may sustain injuries while dealing with animals which are in pain or frightened.

Veterinary science and technologies and continuously evolving, which now makes the job of vets much stress-free and enjoyable. However, anyone who is planning for a veterinary career needs to have a deep passion for it and primarily be an animal lover to find satisfaction in what you are doing.

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