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Housing Predictors Offer Sketchy Advice At Best

Tweet All those dire predictions for the housing market has plenty of consumers scared. Some people have refused to buy a house during this economy, waiting until things improve before

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Condo Shopping In A Down Market

Tweet I had good laugh recently when I came across an article written by a real estate agent who insisted that condos are a “great buy” and that they hold

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What Is Your Home Worth?

Tweet If you are planning to sell your home or simply curious as to what it may be worth, finding out its current market value is something that is easy

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Home Buying 7-Step Plan, Step 7

Tweet This is the final article in our home buying series. Hooray, you’ve finished the deal and are ready to move in! The house is yours and all you have

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Home Buying 7-Step Plan, Step 6

Tweet Closing Your Home The big day has arrived: your new home will officially be yours once closing has been completed. If you time everything right, you can begin moving

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REOs — Are They Worth It?

Tweet Home buyers looking for a bargain are taking a close look at the housing market and are witnessing some unique opportunities. For one, prices have fallen — dramatically so

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Online Home Selling — An Option For You!

Tweet The housing market is just beginning to start its annual heat up, just as winter’s cold releases its icy grip on much of the nation. Spring is the season

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Should You Simply Walk Away From Your Mortgage?

Tweet You are behind on your mortgage payments and are struggling to keep up with your credit card and car payments. Food and gas have gone up in price and

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Should You Short Sell Your Home?

Tweet If you are facing an irreversible financial problem, then to “short sell” your home is one method for possibly finding relief from an important debt obligation. With a short

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Home Buying 7-Step Plan, Step 3

Tweet Negotiating the Offer You’re ready to start shopping for a home, understanding that mortgage rates are low and the housing market has cooled. As a buyer, this could be

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Home Buying 7-Step Plan, Step 2

Tweet Taking the Next Step: Finding A Home There are two big reasons why many consumers are thinking about buying a home today: the weather is getting warmer and mortgage