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Selling Your Home? 4 Speed Bumps to Avoid

Tweet Below are four tips to help make selling your house go more smoothly. Price Matters Pricing matters to both you and the home buyer. If your house isn’t priced

Home Selling

5 Tips to Avoid Foreclosure After You Lost Your Job

Tweet Foreclosure is a word most people never want to hear or discuss in their life. That is one of the main reasons why most Americans end up losing their

Home Selling

10 Golden Home Selling Tips

Tweet You need to master essential home selling tips for your deals to remain competitive in the market. Short listing times and higher sales prices may sometimes negatively impact on

Home Selling

Stage Your Home For a Quick Sale

Tweet You are about to place your home on the market, but there is one thing you should do first: stage your home. To “stage” your home means giving it

Home Selling

Referrals and Recommendations: 7 Steps for Finding a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Tweet In one’s quest to buy or sell a home, it’s their choice to decide to address needs alone or align with a knowledgeable real estate agent, one who can

Home Selling

11 Improvement Tips to Ready Your Home for Sale

Tweet If you’re about ready to sell your home, you’re likely familiar with the usual tips to stage your home for potential buyers. Things like removing clutter, improving the home’s

Home Selling

How to Sell Your Home by Owner

Tweet You’ve decided to sell your home. Instead of working with a real estate agent, you plan to sell it on your own. Done right, you stand to save as

Home Selling

Why Home Inspection is Important Before Selling Your Home

Tweet There are many reasons why home owners may want to sell their homes. The family may have been expanding beyond the scope of the current house or sometimes the

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7 Tips for a Successful Open House

You’re getting ready to list your home for sale and you’ve talked with your real estate agent about holding an open house. Not all agents hold these events, as they believe potential buyers will find your home through other means.

Home Selling

Real Estate Contract Expiration: Now What?

Tweet Assuming that your home is in excellent shape, is priced correctly and is in a stable market, receiving a strong offer within the first month or two is normal.

Home Selling

Why Short Sales Take So Long (And Often Fail)

Tweet Waiting out a short sale is a lesson in endurance. Welcome to the world of real estate short sales, a process that can take months to resolve. And, one

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A Budgetary Approach to Home Improvements

Tweet By Brian Simpson One of the more frustrating things about selling your home can be learning how much money you are expected to put into it to help it