Smart Stress Reducing Moving Tips

Smart Stress Reducing Moving Tips


Moving Day

If you’re planning to move, hopefully you are well along the way toward putting your plans in place. If not, you’ll find that the days leading up to the Big Move will be stressful ones, certain to add tension to what already is a very stressful time in your life.

On the other hand, if you’re like me, you’d much rather have your move go as smoothly as possible — without all of the aggravation that comes with scrambling to make everything happen quickly at the very last moment.

Can you get rid of stress completely? Only if you are comatose! Seriously, you can minimize the aggravation by ensuring that you develop a plan and put it place ahead of time. The following practical tips will help you do just that, IF you’re willing to put them in motion:

Get Your Moving Boxes Now — Some of the best boxes for moving are those copier paper cartons at your workplace. Sturdy and durable, they can handle most anything, are stackable, and easy to seal up. Just don’t grab them at the last moment — they go fast and often never make it to the company dumpster.

For Special Boxes Visit Your Big Box Retailer — Plenty of stores can sell you large packing boxes, but the best deals are usually found through your warehouse club or big box hardware chain. Look for special boxes for mirrors, paintings, glass, clothes, and other items. Buy in bulk; save money!

Pack What You Don’t Need Now — If you know that there are some items you definitely won’t need until after you make your move, then pack these items now. Lots of seasonal and holiday stuff can be packed and ready to go. Clear out your attic, garage, basement, or shed of all unnecessary stuff — sell off what you don’t need and pack the rest. Label everything clearly!

Get Top Notch Supplies — Besides using sturdy boxes, get packing tape and a thick black marker to label everything. Write on the top and on the sides the room where the box is to be placed. Use bubble wrap and newspapers to pad the contents.

Stuff You Need Now — As you near the moving date, set aside personal items and clothing you’ll need for the days leading up to and through the move. You’ll bring these things with you or, if you are flying to your new home, you can pack these on the date of your move and send them ahead of you via parcel post.

Stress is the part of every life change, but you can minimize its effects by planning way in advance to ensure a good move.

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