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Toyota Recalls Top 14 Million Vehicles

Toyota Motor Corp. has announced a voluntary recall of 2.17 million vehicles, covering select Toyota and Lexus models.

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Bestselling Mercedes Model Has Been Redesigned

Tweet Mercedes-Benz is not about to rest on its laurels. Its bread and butter E-Class series is all new for 2010, the ninth generation of a car line spanning more

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Toyota Prius Brake Problems Latest Outrage

Tweet Toyota owners, and for that matter Lexus and Scion owners, should be outraged at the way that the Toyota Motor Corporation has responded in the wake of known engineering

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Toyota Suspends Sale of 8 Models

Tweet Japanese automaker sounds the alarm Last November Say Educate reported that the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) was coming to grips with a problem which revealed that several of its

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Toyota Proposes Gas Pedal Fix For Runaway Toyota Problem

Tweet Earlier this month, we amplified a report from ABC News regarding their investigation into what is being dubbed as a “Runaway Toyota” problem involving select Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

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ABC News Spotlights Toyota Runaway Problem

Tweet The Toyota Motor Corporation is finding itself in an unfamiliar place as media, consumer groups and government officials examine a problem regarding select Toyota and Lexus models. “Runaway Toyota”

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Automotive Recalls Surge This Fall

Tweet Perhaps it is the season or maybe it is just a coincidence, but both Toyota and Ford have issued their largest recalls ever over the past few weeks. Ford,