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Buying Guide for First-Time Property Owners

Real estate offers incredible advantages for investors. As a passive income source, it never dries up. Instead, it provides you income without loss of assets.


How to Save on Home and Disaster Insurance

Natural and man-made disasters are unfortunately a fact of life, and homeowners especially need to be prepared for emergencies.

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4 Things Long-Time Renters Should Know About Their First Mortgage

Most adults dream of the time when they can switch from renting to owning a home. However, the first mortgage can be a major shift that some are unprepared for.


Criteria to Look at to Find a Home Insurance Policy That Will Actually Protect You

Buying a house after searching for months for the perfect home is exciting, but your work doesn’t stop there. After you buy the house, it’s time to make an important decision: which home insurance policy should you choose?


How to Save Money on Insurance

A future without long-term financial planning can often be uncertain. Many crave financial independence and stability without borrowing and worrying about unexpected expenses.


A Beginners Guide to Choosing the Right Home Insurance

Owning a home in this economy is no easy feat. For most people, it is both their biggest asset and investment. That said, whatever type of dwelling you live in deserves adequate home insurance coverage against damage and loss.

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What to Look for in a Home Insurance If You’re in a Budget

Since your home is one of your biggest investments, it’s only essential that you go the extra mile to protect it. One good way to do that is to get your property insured.


Insurance and Why You Need It

If you own a car you need insurance. If you own a house you need insurance. If you have health problems, you need insurance.


How to Shop for Home Insurance

If you have not shopped around for home insurance in some time, you may find that better deals await you elsewhere. Certainly, your current insurer may want to keep your business, but with double-digit rate increases in some areas it pays to shop around.

Consumer Tips

How to Prepare for a Major Disaster

Tweet Following Hurricane Sandy and any major catastrophe that has hit the American populace, homeowners may quite suddenly become aware that their preparation for a major weather event can use


Should You Make Changes to Your Homeowners Insurance?

Tweet Automatically assuming that your insurance coverage is sufficient year after year may be a given, but it can also cost you in ways that you might not have considered.

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Bet Against Uncertainties, Get Burned

Tweet These type of things happen without warning, which is why it is incredibly important to buy renters insurance. Renters insurance works like homeowners insurance except, instead of protecting your

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The 4 Elements Of Your Mortgage Loan

Tweet Your home loan consists of four elements, two that you are probably aware of, and those are the principal and interest. Two additional elements, taxes and insurance, must also

Home Financing

When To Cancel Private Mortgage Insurance

Tweet Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is a type of insurance required by lenders when you purchase a home with less than 20% down. If you cannot come up with enough

Home Buying Relocation

Home Buying 7-Step Plan, Step 5

Tweet Financing Your Home Prior to 2007, at least for the first several years of this decade, qualifying for a mortgage wasn’t nearly as difficult as it is today. Mortgage