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Debt Management

How to Negotiate a Debt Settlement on Your Own

We all have times when it’s hard to pay the bills. Fortunately, there are many ways to resolve debt problems, and settling is one of them.


What To Know Before Renting Your First Apartment

It’s an unpredictable time to learn how to adult. Colleges don’t know if they should open or close, industries are changing fast, and the world is semifrozen.


How to Save on Home and Disaster Insurance

Natural and man-made disasters are unfortunately a fact of life, and homeowners especially need to be prepared for emergencies.


Information Regarding the Cost to Start a Gold IRA

In the world of investment, any kind of item you go for will entail having some capital, or start-up money. In the metal investment IRA series, this is also the case.

Retirement Planning

Prepping for Your Future: How to Plan for Retirement

Did you know that the average person will be retired for 20 years? That means that you need to have enough savings to provide you with 20 years worth of income.

Business Services

How Technology Can Save Engineering Firms Money

By virtue of working in a field that is intrinsically tied to technology, engineering firms are expected to use and invest in new technologies in order to remain competitive.

ID Theft

How Cybersecurity Keeps Your Finances Safe

In 2017, the WannaCry ransomware attacked millions of computers in more than 150 countries. As the government worked to find the source of the attack and get the held data released, millions of Americans wondered if their data was safe.

Money Management

7 Finance Tips Every Young Adult Should Live By

As a young adult, now is the time to get serious about your finances. You shouldn’t wait to be smart about your money just because you’re still young. You won’t be young forever.

Debt Management

Steps to Take to Get Your Family Out of Debt

Whether it’s credit card debt, a mortgage, or an array of student loans, it’s such an accomplishment when a person is able to climb out of debt and become financially free.


The 7 Best Budgeting Apps to Try

Most of us have experienced some hard financial times this year due to crazy happenings outside of our realm of control. COVID 19 has caused layoffs, temporary shutdowns, and even business closures across the country.


How Investors Define a Bull or a Bear Market

Investing is a means of building wealth and saving for retirement. Yet people have very different investing styles.

Home Buying

Buying a Home? How it Impacts Your Personal Finances

Owning a home is the pillar of almost every American dream. Buying a home is classified as an investment because it enables you to save a considerable sum of money.

Business Management

4 Services That Save Money With Company Fleet Management

Maintaining a company fleet, though important, can be an expensive proposition. With so many moving parts to a fleet, it can seem as though you’re always putting out fires instead of enjoying smooth productivity.

Home Financing

4 Things Long-Time Renters Should Know About Their First Mortgage

Most adults dream of the time when they can switch from renting to owning a home. However, the first mortgage can be a major shift that some are unprepared for.

Business Financing

About the EB-5 Visa

EB-5 visas were created through the United States Congress’s Immigration Act of 1990. The purpose of this act was to boost the American economy through foreign investment.