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Small Business

How To Create a Successful Small Business

Being your own boss and the head of a company can be an incredibly appealing career path, but it’s not without its downsides.

Consumer Tips

How to Make Money Using Old Unused Items

One of the easiest ways to come up with cash in a pinch is to look around your house for old and unused items.


5 Easy Changes to Save Money Weekly

The Covid-19 Pandemic has drastically affected many American’s finances. For some that effect could be a positive one! Thanks to the rise in remote work around the country, many of us are driving significantly less, leading to saving money on gas.

Money Management

How is Time Value of Money Affected by Interest?

Time value of money means having a dollar today is worth more than having it in the future. This is usually related to factors such as inflation and interest.

Career Planning

Learn How to Begin Your Career in Finance

Tweet As a recent graduate, you will be bombarded with all manner of advice about where you should and should not work, how much pay you should ask for and

Social Media

How Social Media is Promoting the Finance Industry

With the current growing technology, social media has become a platform that every individual cannot afford to avoid. It is unusual to find an individual who is not using the social networks. While many people who use social media only look at it as a channel for communicating and meeting with new friends, it has also promoted business in the financial sector.

Book Reviews

Michael Sandel’s ‘What Money Can’t Buy’: Book Review

You may have heard of Michael Sandel. In 2011, this renowned Harvard Philosopher broadcast a TV series called ‘Justice with Michael Sandel’ which featured him gulping coffee and pacing the room in front of his students as he asked various questions that are essential for anyone interested in the relationships between finance and philosophy.

Retirement Planning

Nearing Retirement: Have You Saved the Right Way?

Retirement is supposed to be that carefree age where you can spend your years doing what you love. It’s supposed to be viewed as a reward for a hard life of working.

Career Planning

5 Tips to Help You Succeed in Your Finance Career

If you’re working in the finance industry, you know that there are a lot of expectations and fierce competition for a limited number of positions.

Financial Planning

Prevent Financial Troubles – Make Financial Planning a Priority

Tweet Few people go through life without running into a money problem or two; it’s to be expected. Financial troubles are made worse by neglecting to have a plan in

Small Business

The Daily Challenges of Small Business Owners

Owning a small business has many rewards including reporting to nobody but yourself. That alone is reason enough for some people to launch or take over an existing enterprise, but there are daily challenges that small business owners face that can make self employment seem burdensome.

Consumer Tips

Sunday Morning Tip: Real Money, Virtual Wallets

Tweet While only about 1 in 3 Americans even keeps a household budget, times may be changing as new tools make it easier than ever to keep track of income,

Consumer Financing

How to Vanquish the Credit Card Debt Monster

Too many consumers are consumed by debt, usually credit card balances that never seem to go away.

Consumer Financing

How to Shop for a Car Loan

Tweet Save money on your new car purchase. Certainly, your new car dealer can arrange financing for you, but there are cheaper places to shop for an auto loan. To


Track Your Spending Wisely and Save Money

Tweet Keeping track of your finances can help you balance your checkbook, reduce your debt and can help improve your credit score. Please read on for some sensible tips on