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Small Business

Dental Professional? 4 Ways To Cut Business Costs But Not Quality

Tweet When you want to operate a successful, helpful, and profitable office, you may wonder if achieving this goal means having to compromise your cash flow each month. In fact,

Financial Planning

How to Recover Financially from Your Major Auto Accident

Tweet Depending on what kind of insurance you have, who was at fault, possible criminal charges, injury rehab and more, you are going to have your plate full trying to

Consumer Financing

How to Get Your Car Financed with Less-Than-Perfect Credit

Tweet What this means is that big banks and major auto loan providers are more interested in making Wall Street investors happy than helping prospective buyers with less than perfect

Home Financing

How Your Credit Score Will Impact Your Home Search

Tweet You may be buying your first home and feel overwhelmed by the technical language of the real estate industry. Or you may be considering a larger home for your

Career Education

Top 4 Degrees for a Career on the Cutting Edge of Tech

Tweet If you are interested in a career in a technological industry, consider getting one of these four degrees. In addition to the obviously helpful degrees, a few of the

Career Education

4 Reasons Why Healthcare Degrees are a Solid Financial Investment

A degree in a health-related field is a great investment in your future. While many sectors of the economy are unstable, health is one area that remains consistently strong.

Featured Fun Stuff

4 Sneaky Tricks for Finding a Costume on a Budget

Halloween is around the corner and this is such a major holiday for so many children. Though it may be filled with talks of scary ghosts and goblins, most children are excited about the costumes and loads of candy they’ll receive.

Career Planning

5 Degrees with a Great ROI to Help You Pay Those Hefty Loans

Tweet Here are four degrees that help ensure that you’ll be able to pay your student loans back before retirement. 1. Information Technology We live in a world driven by

Featured Insurance

What Happens To Your Family When You Don’t Have Life Insurance?

When you’re young and just getting started with your own career, a life insurance policy seems like one of those things that just doesn’t apply to you.

Retirement Planning

Nearing Retirement: Have You Saved the Right Way?

Retirement is supposed to be that carefree age where you can spend your years doing what you love. It’s supposed to be viewed as a reward for a hard life of working.

Money Management

Protect Your Finances: 4 Common Mistakes When Sending Money Orders

Money orders are one of the most common types of financial transactions. They represent a way to transfer money of a pre-determined amount from one party to another.

Financial Planning

Don’t Make These 4 Financial Mistakes During Your Divorce

A divorce can take a toll on both your mental and financial wellness. When you want to keep your budget intact and survive the proceedings with cash in your bank account, you should avoid making these four financial mistakes during your divorce.

Debt Management

How to Keep a DUI from Destroying Your Finances

Most people charged for a DUI aren’t what you would think of as criminals. They simply had a night out with friends and headed home without thinking about the consequences.


No More Joint Accounts? How Divorce Affects Your Finances

No matter how long you’ve been married, you and your spouse shared many assets, from your home to your cars to your bank accounts. Now that you’re going through a divorce, you’re not sure how your finances will work: what assets will you lose?