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Career Planning

Careers for People Who Love Metalworking

The goal of almost every working adult is to find a job they love. We all want to turn our passions into a career. Fortunately, if your passion happens to be metalworking, you have a wealth of career options available to you.

Home Buying

Looking to Buy Property? 5 Easy Resources

Whether you are buying property for commercial or domestic use, you need to do some research to make an informed decision. Real estate is a competitive industry, and that is why you will need some home buying resources to guide you.

Business Opportunities

The Easiest Side-Hustles You Can Start As a Student

When you’re in college, you have the freedom to build not only your course schedule around your lifestyle but your part-time job as well—should you choose to have one. Part-time jobs are perfect opportunities to gain experience and income, especially if you’re paying for courses out-of-pocket.

Career Planning

The Best Careers for Anyone Who Loves To Be Creative

Some people need to be able to express themselves through their job. For creative types, being chained to an office desk typing spreadsheets might sound miserable.

Career Development

5 Best Jobs for Someone Who Loves To Travel

When you are young, traveling the world feels like a dream that is only obtainable for the rich. However, you can turn this dream into a reality by traveling for your job!

Health Tips

Navigating Change Through the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a life-altering event that has completely changed the way we interact with the world. Some people were fortunate enough to make decisions on their own, narrowly escaping significant change.

Business Opportunities

How To Market Yourself as a Freelance Writer

You love writing, and you’ve decided to turn that passion into an income. Thanks to the high demand for writers, it’s a great choice. Still, you may be wondering how you will find work.

Business Financing

Top 5 Things To Look For In Your CFO

You’d be surprised to find that many businesses don’t know what to look for in a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). If you’re looking for a CFO with expertise, you’re not alone.

Career Planning

How To Land Your Dream Job

Deep down, we all know that there’s a job out there that would be the perfect fit for us. Sometimes, we decide not to pursue it because it doesn’t seem practical. Other times, it just seems too hard to get.

Business Marketing

3 Techniques For Growing Your Media Empire

Are you dreaming of building a major media empire for your business? Now is the perfect time for you to get started.

Small Business

How You Can Use Social Media To Make Money

According to Statista, approximately 82% of Americans are on social media platforms. This provides a potential virtual market with over 229 million customers in the U.S. alone.


5 Personal Finance Lessons to Learn From the Dotcom Bubble

The dotcom bubble was a period (1995-2000) of extreme rise in the stock prices of internet-related companies. It’s referred to as a “bubble” because the asset price speculations were not realistic.

College Planning

10 Habits of Highly Frugal College Students

College isn’t necessarily cheap. But it doesn’t have to break the bank, either. Learn to cut down on unnecessary spending while you’re in college. It’s one of the keys to graduating with as little debt and in the best financial situation as possible.

Health Tips

Helpful Tips for Living With a Recent Disability

There are countless routes that might lead to this place: health conditions, car accidents, military service. However it happened, the moment you find yourself without full mobility can feel like a sharp, final ending to what you thought your life would look like.


Who Can I Name As Beneficiary On My Life Insurance Policy?

When you buy life insurance, you’ll need to nominate a beneficiary – the person who receives the insurance payout when you pass away.