How to Generate Revenue Off of Big-Picture Marketing Ideas

How to Generate Revenue Off of Big-Picture Marketing Ideas


While granular marketing can help you reach those niche customers that you hadn’t previously considered, it’s important not to lose sight of the wider market to ensure you cast a net that’s wide enough to capture as many customers as possible. To convert these concepts into real value, here are a few ways you can generate revenue off of big-picture marketing ideas.

Experiment with New Price Points

One of the keys to big-picture marketing is understanding more about your customer base. As you do more in-depth research, you may realize that your core customers have an average income that puts your products either above or below the ideal price.

By experimenting with new price points, you will be better able to synthesize the prices of your products with the needs of your core customers and create the potential to attract new customers with interest created by the changing prices.

Partner with Competitors

If you can link yourself to a larger competitor in a way that is recognized by search engines, your revenue could enjoy a boost as a result. The key to partnering with a larger competitor is that it needs to be mutually beneficial in order to get everyone on board.

Therefore, something that is outreach focused, such as a day of service to the community or a monetary donation to a non-profit organization, can be the thing that unites you to another company, allowing you to reap gains in revenue as a result.

Ride the Wave of Local Events

As you better understand your core customers, one of the things you’ll understand in greater detail is the location of those customers. Once those facts come into focus, you will be able to use this information to increase your revenue.

By linking yourself with a digital marketing partner, you will be able to advertise to your core customers to help them celebrate local events. By making this local connection, your customers will feel a strong connection to your business, thus increasing brand loyalty.

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Find Your Core Products

As you attempt to grow your company, you can run the risk of shifting too far away from your core products and competencies. While innovation is necessary for growth, it’s also important to remember what your company is at its core so you can capitalize on these core elements through specific marketing.

By sending a strong message to others about what you do best, you are more likely to increase revenue from these categories, giving you more capital to invest in expansion.

Even though a wide view of your company and customers may not change as fast as more detailed views, that doesn’t mean that these views won’t change. In order to maximize revenues from big-picture marketing, therefore, it’s important that you constantly reassess these wide views to ensure you have an accurate picture. This will allow you to be more nimble across your company.

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