6 Reasons Why Websites Need to Be Responsive

6 Reasons Why Websites Need to Be Responsive
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    In the past decade or so, mobile phones have taken over the majority of the consumer base's life.

    Today, the average person will rather reach for their phone when they want to look up something than open up their laptop computers.


What this means in terms of the online presence of your business is, of course, that simply having a website is not enough anymore. You must cater to the needs of mobile users, and here are several reasons why.

So many mobile users

The past couple of years have seen the number of mobile users reach stellar heights. According to statistics, an incredible 95% of Americans use mobile phones, with 77% of that being smartphone users.

These numbers have actually been on a steady rise, and the percentage of smartphone users has more than doubled in the mere seven years between 2011 and 2018. A testament to this can be the vast number of reliable sellers nowadays, such as Personal Digital, making smartphones widely available.

These numbers are already a good enough reason for any business to invest in a mobile responsive interface, but the numbers are expected to grow even further, with the total mobile data predicted to be used in the following year being double that of the previous year’s reports. It is clear that mobile is king right now.

Be available anytime, anywhere

Besides allowing yourself to be available to anyone – or at least the vast majority of the population that will first reach for their mobile phones – being mobile responsive also allows you to be available anywhere. This is an incredibly important aspect for a business, considering the fact that most people often turn to a quick Google search on the go, be it choosing where to eat or getting some coupons while already at the grocery store. Unfortunately, if in these times of need your website takes a tad too long to load or is not mobile responsive, you are to lose a huge chunk of your potential customers.

Seamless customer experience

Everyone knows that customer experience has become one of the pillars of success for any kind of business. Consumers today have plenty of options to choose from, and often it is the customer experience that makes or breaks the deal.

And considering the statistics mentioned above, the majority of your audience is potentially visiting your website from their mobile device. In these cases, a non-mobile responsive website is practically a bad experience for your customers, which will result in 61% of your visitors simply abandoning your site.

Mobile shopping

As the general use of mobile phones is getting so widespread, it is only logical that purchases made via mobile phones are more and more common too. A lot of people find browsing and shopping on their mobile devices more convenient, thus, if you have an online store, making sure it is mobile responsive is of paramount importance. An even better solution might be creating your own app, but that is a story for another time.

Better Google ranking

The growing relevance of mobile devices has not escaped the attention of Google either. Another reason why having a mobile responsive website today is so important is that it will affect your rankings. If your website is optimized for mobile phones, you will also naturally improve your loading times as well as your bounce rates, and these also sit well with Google’s criteria. All in all, a website that is not mobile-friendly will damage your visibility in more than one way.

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Yet another reason for having a mobile responsive website is its cost-effectiveness. While at first glance this might not be straightforward, creating and maintaining only one website that is suitable for both desktop and mobile screens is a better solution than having two separate websites and constantly having to create content for both (as having the same content on two websites might result in Google penalizing you). While the first option might be more expensive up-front, in the long term, having a mobile responsive website pays off both financially and in terms of effectiveness.

As you can see, the reasons why you should prioritize having a mobile responsive website are numerous, and their importance simply cannot be ignored if you are to succeed in the oversaturated market of the 21st century. Be available for anyone, anytime and anywhere, and you will soon see the difference.

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