Brand Building Tips for Brand New Businesses

Brand Building Tips for Brand New Businesses
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    Starting a new business can be extremely tough.

    It is true that the majority of new businesses fail. There can be many reasons for this.


One of them is the fact that it’s quite hard for a new company to connect with consumers on a basic level. Often, this goes back to failures of marketing and especially branding.

Below are some tips for how to build your brand for your new business.

Relating to Your Target Market

One reason why many branding attempts fail is because they simply fail to connect with the consumers most likely to buy their products. Think, for example, of the difference between “generic” branding for budget-conscious consumers and branding for more high-end shoppers.

In certain cases, it’s mainly a difference in branding that differentiates the two. However, if a product at a high price point does not catch the attention of wealthier shoppers, it will likely fail.

It’s important to understand your target audience and market specifically to them in a way that is recognizable.

Standing Out

While you want to signal the fact your product is included in a certain market, you don’t want to copy your competitors too much. Doing so may result in your product blending in on store shelves.

When this happens, your sales can certainly falter. Instead, you want your products to “pop” on store shelves and hook consumers’ attention. Some of your own original character and flair in regard to branding can help accomplish this.

Developing Labels, Logos, or Mascots

Branding is extremely visual in nature. Think of McDonald’s yellow arches or Tony the Tiger. Both companies define their brands to a large degree with the public based on these iconic emblems.

Similarly, you should also develop your branding with these visual aspects in mind. This step could be what helps your brand skyrocket.

This is especially true in regard to labeling. You may even want to hire an outside firm to help with the process.

Firms like LeadPlan Marketing can help you develop product labels and designs. These outside resources can give additional perspective and inspiration to this key aspect of development.

They can also help you avoid pitfalls and recognize trends in your target market. 

Sending the Right Messages

Your branding can have psychological effects on consumers in ways you may not have even anticipated. Sometimes, these effects can be negative.

For example, if there is something unappetizing about the branding of a food product, consumers may instinctually avoid it. In other cases, your branding may be perceived differently in different markets due to cultural context.

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This is why thorough testing of branding through things like focus groups is often a good idea. Having a good idea of how your brand is received in the earlier phases of development can help prevent headaches later on.

Branding matters as it defines your company to the public. If your branding fails, it could also mean the failure of your entire business. As a new business, take branding seriously. Put a lot of research into developing branding that works for your company in order to see success.

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