How To Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaign For Best Impact

How To Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaign For Best Impact
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    It has been clearly established that even after the emergence of numerous messaging and social media platforms, email remains a firm favorite of marketers due to its many advantages.

    It consistently delivers the best return on investment.


However, unless your marketing emails are relevant to the needs and aspirations of your subscribers, it is unlikely that they will act on the call to action and make a transaction online.

The best way of encouraging subscribers to take action is to personalize the email. Studies reveal that personalized emails can generate click-through that is in excess of 2.5 times than emails that are not personalized.

What Is Email Personalization?

Essentially, email personalization refers to the act of making the email more relevant to the recipient by using their specific personal information. Personalization can be as simple as inserting the name of the recipient in the subject line of the email. Advanced techniques include changing the email content based on parameters like the recipient’s gender, location, and even past purchase behavior or other attributes known to you. Standard emails can easily be deleted by the recipient without even being opened while emails that are personalized have a far better chance of being read as subscribers believe that the content will be relevant to their interests.

What Exactly Can Be Personalized In the Email?

Many email marketers prefer to customize the ‘From” name in the email, as it is the first thing that the customer notices when an email lands up in the inbox. Studies reveal that as many as 68% of respondents in America say that the decision to open an email depends on the “From” name. This comes in useful in a situation when even though the email is centrally generated, the ‘From” name can be changed to the name of the sales representative that a particular customer is dealing with. This increases the chance of the mail being read by the customer even when you are conducting a large campaign with the help of bulk email marketing services in Mumbai.

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The item in emails that is most prominent after the “from’ name is the subject line. Not only can the subject line be formatted with heavier and darker text so that it stands out but the name of the subscriber can be inserted too. This simple expedient raises the chance of the email being opened by almost 15%

Customization of Email Body Content

During the course of your interaction with a customer, you have the chance to pick up a lot of information that is specific to him like his shirt size, his birthday or even where he last went for a vacation, etc. It is possible to pick up these bits of information and customize the content of the email so that the subscriber will immediately be able to realize that the contents of the mail have been specifically included to be relevant to his interests.

It is not that customization is limited to just the text. To appeal to the interests of specific subscribers it is also possible to change the images in the email dynamically.


Email personalization is a proven way of getting your subscribers to open the email and actually read through the contents. Further customization in the body content, as well as images, can make the email even more relevant and encourage click-through and successful commercial transactions.


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