Standing Out in the Field

Standing Out in the Field
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    The best pharmaceutical sales professionals are passionate about life sciences and understand the science behind their product line.


They also have various transferrable skills that help them succeed in their careers.

Strong Communication Skills

The best pharmaceutical sales professionals like Chris Manfuso know how to communicate at the right level with their customers. They understand the science behind the drugs they’re selling and can explain them in a way that helps medical providers make informed decisions about their patients.

These professionals also have strong listening skills and can empathize with their customers’ concerns. These qualities allow them to build trust and relationships with their clients.

Pharmaceutical sales reps spend a lot of their time in the field visiting medical providers, so they need to manage their time effectively. They must also be able to travel between providers within a region or community and stay current on current research on the medications they sell. They may also need to attend conferences or other work-related events.

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Strong Negotiation Skills

Whether you’re looking to advance the career ladder or are ready for a new challenge, pharmaceutical sales positions can offer exciting growth opportunities. These professionals need solid managerial skills to evaluate risks, solve problems, and motivate their teams.

The best pharmaceutical reps are passionate about their work and the drive to succeed, even in challenging times. They can build relationships with medical specialists and explain the benefits of their products engagingly.

They also have the stamina to visit multiple providers daily and attend meetings and conferences. In addition, they can negotiate effectively and reach mutually beneficial agreements. Negotiating requires verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, and clear articulation of goals and needs.

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Strong Listening Skills

In addition to being knowledgeable about the applications, characteristics, and benefits of their promoted products, pharmaceutical sales reps need to be able to understand and respond to customer needs.

When you engage in active listening, you give the speaker your complete attention and avoid distractions such as checking emails or thinking about what you will say next. It also means demonstrating empathy for the speaker by acknowledging and validating their point of view.

In addition, pharmaceutical sales professionals must be able to negotiate with clients to come to mutually beneficial agreements. It requires strong problem-solving skills and strategic thinking.

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Strong Interpersonal Skills

If you have strong interpersonal skills and thrive in person-to-person interactions, pharma sales may be right for you. But, before you decide to make the switch, it’s essential to have a good understanding of the career itself.

You will need to be able to negotiate with doctors and understand how a new drug works. You should also be able to anticipate customer needs and explain how your product meets those needs.

You’ll also need stamina for the field—pharmaceutical sales representatives often travel long distances and visit multiple providers daily. You must maintain a schedule that allows you to meet with all of your customers and develop strong relationships. Even in the field, the best pharmaceutical sales professionals can manage their time and energy effectively.

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Strong Problem-Solving Skills

While some positions may only require a high school diploma, many pharmaceutical sales jobs will ask for candidates with bachelor’s degrees in fields such as marketing and health sciences. Employers might also prefer applicants with a related master’s degree.

Pharma sales must know their products well enough to explain them to medical professionals. They must also have a good grasp of the science behind these products and be able to understand new medical advancements.

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Finally, a pharmaceutical sales professional must have strong stamina to keep up with extended hours on the road visiting providers. It’s important for a pharmaceutical sales professional to bounce back after a day that doesn’t yield any sales. They should also be able to establish meaningful relationships with providers that build brand loyalty over time.

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