Is Your Biz Suffering from Low Customer Engagement?

Is Your Biz Suffering from Low Customer Engagement?
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    To grow your brand into what you intend it to be, you need to earn loyal customers.

    One of the best ways to earn loyal customers is by engaging them.


When you keep customers engaged with your brand and message, they develop loyalty to your brand and contribute mightily to your growth.

But if you’re suffering from low customer engagement, you’re probably wondering what you can do to give it a boost. Here, we’ll take a look at some tangible steps you can take to boost customer engagement and grow your brand.

1. Give Your Brand a Personality

A brand needs to have its own individual personality in order to create genuine customer engagement. This is the first key lesson that every successful brand-builder has learned.

Think of brands such as Progressive Insurance or Toyota. They’ve figured out how to effectively weave a consistent personality into the way they market. When you think of Progressive, you no doubt picture Flo. For Toyota, you see Jan surrounded by customers at the dealership.

Your brand needs to show its own personality in order to establish an identity that consumers want to engage with. It doesn’t need to be a specific spokesperson, either. The brand itself can be it’s very own individual.

2. Personalize Your Communication

This concept applies to every kind of business, from online book retailers to medical practices looking for patient engagement solutions.

By making your customer communication personal to each individual, you make your conversations much more relevant. A customer will pay closer attention to your message and engage in a more relaxed way.

There are a couple of ways you can start being more personal in your communication starting today.

First, you can show them product recommendations and offers that are in-line with their buying histories and expressed interests. These messages resonate with customers because they’re solving a need.

You should also set up email campaigns that send out personalized customer messages on their anniversaries, birthdays and other important events.

Personalize your paid social media campaigns by tailoring individual messages for each market segment that you target. And don’t forget to respond to comments and direct messages in a timely manner.

To get better at personalizing your messages, take the time to learn more about your customers. Take a lesson from the clothing company Stitchfix. Send out a short customer quiz that will allow you to tailor your offers to your customers more effectively. Reward the customers who take the quiz with a promo code for a percentage off their next purchase.

3. Turn Actions Into Rewards

By giving customers a reward when they take an action, you create an automatic loop of customer engagement. Reward your customer’s actions with coupons, discounts, contest entries or special offers that they can only get by taking immediate action.

For example, "by sharing this post and tagging a friend, you’ll qualify for a free one-month membership" is a lot more effective at generating engagement than "share this post with your friends."

Customers will be a lot more likely to engage with your content when there’s something in it for them. Additionally, by giving rewards and offers you’re creating for yourself a chance to earn repeat customers.

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4. Share Stories About Customers on Your Social Media

Consumers engage more in content that involves their peers than they do in brand-centric content. People tend to relate better to other people than they do to an unknown entity.

Utilize your social media followings to share stories about your current customers. Stories you share can involve customer testimonials and reviews, photos submitted by users, or new uses for your product that a customer discovered.

Sharing user stories builds trust in your brand and drives more conversions. But beyond that, it shows your current customers how important they are to you when you share their individual stories with your following.

Increased Customer Engagement Means More Business Growth

These four strategies are extremely impactful ways that will increase customer engagement and build your brand. Customers aren’t loyal to brands that lack personality and character. By humanizing your brand and adding a personality into the way you communicate, you’ll start growing an active audience of loyal followers.

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