How to Design and Decorate Your Home Office to Improve Your Productivity

How to Design and Decorate Your Home Office to Improve Your Productivity
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    Working from home is a double-edged sword.

    It can be a complete blessing to wake up and start your computer while you're still in pyjamas, or an absolute curse when it comes to productivity.

    How can you grasp the best of both worlds and effectively indulge in work from home?


Even though you can’t change many things about your home’s layout, you can decorate your home office. By introducing different items and inspirational design, you can boost your productivity and efficiently work from home. So, what’s the secret?

1. Colors matter

Did you know that colors can have an effect on your entire mood, and therefore productivity? Can you imagine working in a dull, dark office and achieving your maximum? Depending on your personality, different colors can help you feel more awake and alert while working.

For instance, even though darker colors may look fashionable and calming, they are not always a good option for your work environment. Instead, opt for brighter and dynamic shades that will boost your creativity and therefore help you work more effectively. Sounds impossible? Paint the walls in a warmer shade and add some inspirational quotes that will help you get in the right productive mood.

2. Appropriate furniture is a must

Many people think that designing an office space is easy. All you need is a desk, chair and a computer, right? Wrong! There are many details you forgot to include in the design. Besides that, picking adequate furniture also requires some dose of caution.

Believe it or not, not every type of chair is suitable for you. For instance, chairs that support your back better, which helps your posture and therefore maximizes the comfort and productivity might be ideal for you.

Similarly, adjustable desks can be of great importance for those who crave a dynamic workspace. Make sure to match the furniture correctly and don’t forget to implement cabinets for important documents and papers.

3. Let there be light

Do you pay attention to the source of the light in your home office? If the answer is no, you should get to it straight away!

Having plenty of natural light is essential if you want to maximize your productivity and stay awake during your working hours. Dark offices with little to no lights will only make you drowsy, no matter how many cups of coffee you’ve drunk. So, what can you do?

If there isn’t enough natural light, install a couple of lamps and ceiling lights in your office. Not only will they make your space brighter, but also add esthetical value to your home office. Don’t risk your productivity. Find suitable sources of light that will improve your productivity.

4. Don’t forget about office accessories

Any space without decoration is a waste of space! Even though you may think that decorating your office isn’t necessary, personal items and esthetical details can boost your creativity. By implementing decoration to your personal workspace, you’ll create am environment where you’ll enjoy spending time in. So, what should you implement?

Keep in mind that too many details can create clutter in your office. So, be moderate. Set up your home office with special details that have a practical, emotional and motivational purpose.

For instance, your favorite pen holder is a must-have on your desk. Don’t forget about the paintings on the wall or decorative drapes on the windows.

5. Introduce coziness

One of the biggest perks of working from home is being able to decorate and design the place however you like. Ditch the traditional offices and formal dress code and create a perfect cozy office right there in your home. How can you introduce coziness?

If your office is large enough, consider adding a comfy couch where you can rest during your break. No couch or office is complete without comfy pillows that will increase the coziness and set up a right productive yet homey atmosphere in your office. Besides that, think about adding a lovely rug or a carpet to maximize the esthetical value of the place and warm up your feet during cold winter days.

6. Bring nature inside

To complete the design of your perfect home office, consider bringing some greenery inside. You probably noticed that a lot of fashionable offices have plants inside. So, follow their steps and bring nature inside to refresh your space.

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You don’t have to be an expert to introduce some greenery in your office. Search for ideal office plants and follow the recommended watering schedule to keep them healthy and alive for as long as you can. Greenery and plants will bring your office back to life and make you feel more creative and productive.


You don’t have to be an experienced interior designer to design and decorate your office space. Simply think about the beautiful things that will increase your productivity and implement them in your office. Enjoy working from home productively by following these tips that will help you decorate your office.

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