Fun and Affordable Ways to Restyle Your Home Office

Fun and Affordable Ways to Restyle Your Home Office
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    Many professionals spend more waking hours at work than they do at home.

    Yet, most people give their offices a tiny fraction of styling attention compared to their homes.


If you change this oversight and spruce up your office, you might notice an increase in the productivity and morale of your employees.

Play With Color

Bland white and gray tones remain popular for office furniture, spaces and rooms because they are simple enough to appeal to many personalities. You don’t have to settle for this blank slate interior design rule in your office.

Color it up with tones that fit your preferences or speak messages you want to communicate to visitors. Strong blues inspire trust, red tones motivate action and soft pastels calm nerves. You can choose the mood you want and may not even have to spring for a full paint job.

Add pops of color with:

  1. Chair pillows, floor rugs and throws
  2. Desk organization accessories
  3. Candles and essential oil holders
  4. Simple abstract prints

Have fun and bring a friend along to a big box, discount or vintage store to accomplish this affordable redecoration in no time.

Change Shape

Generally, workplaces are cornered zones. Doors, desks, tables, and shelves usually take on rectangular and square shapes.

Unfortunately, this severe geometry sends unconscious signals of walls instead of bridges.

When you increase versatility with shapes, you add quirky fun to your surroundings and put people at ease as an added benefit. Circles and ovals are warm additions rugs, throw pillows and clocks can accomplish. Nab inexpensive desk decorations or office tools such as paperweights in triangular and cone shapes.

Nail a Motif

If there’s something you are known for outside of work, include motifs from it in your office style. Find prints and mementos to let people know you are a golf lover, knitter or trivia enthusiast. If you are an animal lover, display wall calendars and prints of furry friends.

These personal revelations will help your staff and partners see you as human and approachable.

Create Staff Privacy

Modern architecture and minimalist design trends skyrocketed open workspaces and floor plans. However, the absence of cubicles and private office spaces may have caused people to shut down rather than open up at work. A 2018 study found productivity decreased in open workspaces, where team members engaged in more emails and digital communication despite the apparent ease of conversation with one another.

Instead of eliminating cubicles, simply modernize them. You’d be surprised by how many affordable office cubicles there are to choose from. Your office could even ditch cubes in order to have circular deskspace areas. You should also consider lightly shaded or see-through dividers, instead of solid ones, to retain the illusion of open space.

Bring Back Travels

You’ve had your share of business trips, but few would ever know it or remember them. However, each trip is a personal style opportunity.

Put people at ease in meetings with a conversation about your travels. Choose a corner of your office for a map of the world, then pinpoint everywhere you’ve visited. Choose a shelf or low table for souvenirs from different places.

other valuable tips:

Let Nature Work Its Magic

Plants and flowers not only beautify an environment with gorgeous colors. They also increase oxygen in the air, remind you to let in light and sun, and uplift moods. These holistic effects will produce friendlier, laughter-filled meetings in your office.

If you travel often for work, or simply do not want to burden an assistant to remember to water your plants, then consider false versions of the real things. Today’s faux succulents, bamboo trees, and flowers look astonishingly real compared to an old version of fake plants. Past versions people considered tacky and taboo are now almost imperceptible from the real things.

You can implement these fun, affordable design strategies for home offices as well. If you do work from home, you should pay special attention to distinguish your workspace style from the rest of the house to send a strong signal to your brain when it’s time for professional focus.

Change room arrangements and styles as necessary to keep a fresh, upbeat attitude whenever you walk into your office to get down to business.

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