How To Improve The Marketing For Your Small Business

How To Improve The Marketing For Your Small Business
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    Marketing is an essential tool in business, big or small, but for small businesses it can mean the difference between success and failure.


It’s likely that you already have a marketing strategy in place. But as with everything, there are always improvements to be made. It is these improvements that can really boost your sales and make your company a huge success.

Market Research

Although your natural instinct might be to stay far away from your competitors, you really do need to see what they are doing – and how they are doing it – if you are going to beat them at their own game. Don’t forget; they will be checking out your working and marketing strategies, so you need to know about theirs.

Find out what they are doing that is attracting customers, and look at what you don’t like about them too. If you aren’t keen on a specific aspect of their marketing, you will probably find that some customers aren’t either. This is where you can pick up your competitor’s lost business. Make sure your marketing plays to a different strength than theirs.

Seeing how your competitors are advertising is also a good indication of what works and what doesn’t. If they continue to run Facebook ads, for example, you can be sure that it is bringing them business – so you will want to do the same.

Be the Expert

One sure way to get people coming to you to buy your product or service is to become an absolute expert in that area. You can offer your services as a speaker at local events, or you can run webinars and workshops. You can even show people how they can do what you do themselves, just like SmashBrand does.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but it instills trust within the customer because they know you’re in this to help them, not just take their money. Even if they do end up not buying the product you are talking about specifically, they will happily come to you for something else another time. Marketing is about playing the long game.


Having customer testimonials on your website or packaging is a great way to improve your marketing. People want to know that what they are buying is good quality, and worth the money, no matter how much it is. Testimonials will prove to them that your product or service is worth the money, and that there are happy customers out there. This will put their mind at rest, and they will be much more likely to buy. The great thing about testimonials is that they are free.

Social Media

Social media has pretty much taken over the world now, so you should be using it to improve your business’s marketing. It’s easy to set up a Facebook page for your company, or a Twitter or Instagram account. You should make sure that it is updated regularly, and that you respond to customer requests and questions. It may be necessary to employ someone to do this on a full-time basis when you get really busy, but at the start you can put aside an hour or so each day to make sure that you are up to date.

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